Ælfwold II (Bishop of Sherborne)

Ælfwold II
Bishop of Sherborne
Appointed 1045
Term ended 1058
Predecessor Brithwine II
Successor Herman
Consecration 1045
Personal details
Born unknown
Died 1058
Denomination Christian
Feast day 25 March
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Anglican Communion
Eastern Orthodox Church
Shrines Sherborne Abbey, Dorset (destroyed)

Ælfwold II[a] (died 1058) was a Bishop of Sherborne in Dorset.


Little is known of Ælfwold apart from the information given by William of Malmesbury. He was at first a monk of Winchester,[1] then was consecrated Bishop of Sherborne in 1045,[2] succeeding his own brother Brithwine. His frugality of life served as a powerful contrast to the contemporary custom of riotous banqueting after the example of the Danish monarchs.[citation needed]

Ælfwold showed great devotion to Saint Swithun, his old patron of Winchester, and also to Saint Cuthbert, to whose shrine at Durham he made a pilgrimage. He died while singing the antiphon of Saint Cuthbert. He was in a sense the last Bishop of Sherborne, as after his death the see of Sherborne was united to that of Ramsbury.[citation needed]

Ælfwold died in 1058.[2] He is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican Churches.