"Möte" by Willy Gordon

Östermalmstorg is a square in the district of Östermalm, in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is known principal for Östermalm Market Hall (Östermalmshallen) which first opened in 1889. Östermalmshallen's interior is a marketplace for food and related delicacies. Östermalmstorg was also the location of the first Åhléns department store which opened in 1932.[citation needed]

Next to the square stands the statue of The Meeting (Swedish: "Möte"), showing a naked male figure bearing a piece of meat on his shoulders before a recumbent female figure, created by the artist Willy Gordon (1918–2003).[1] [2]

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Coordinates: 59°20′09″N 18°04′45″E / 59.33583°N 18.07917°E / 59.33583; 18.07917

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