1907–08 ECAHA season

1907–08 ECAHA season
League Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association
Sport ice hockey
Duration December 29, 1907 – March 7, 1908
Number of teams 6
Champion Montreal Wanderers
Top scorer Russell Bowie (31 goals)
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The 1907–08 ECAHA season was the third season of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA). lasted from . Teams played a ten-game schedule. The Montreal Wanderers would win the league championship with a record of eight wins, two losses.

League business


  • Dr. George Cameron, Montreal (President)
  • Joe Power, Quebec (1st Vice-President)
  • Patrick J. Baskerville, Ottawa (2nd Vice-President)
  • W. P. Lunny, Shamrocks (Secretary-Treasurer)

The Nationals applied for a franchise but did not get three-fourths approval.

Mr. Baskerville demanded better protection be given visiting teams at Quebec, as stones had been thrown at the Senators on their last visit.

Rule Changes

  • Teams could now openly pay players. Players would have to declare their professional or amateur status. The Victorias would remain strictly amateur.[1]

Hod Stuart Benefit All-Star Game

The first All-Star game in ice hockey was played on January 2, 1908, before 3,500 fans at the Montreal Arena between the Montreal Wanderers and a team of All-Stars players from the teams the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association. It was held in memory of Montreal Wanderers player Hod Stuart, who had drowned three months after the Wanderers won the Stanley Cup in 1907. The sale of tickets, from 25 cents to $1, raised $2,000 for Mr. Stuart's widow and two children.[2]

Wanderers (10) All-Stars (7)
  • Riley Hern, goal,
  • Art Ross, point,
  • Walter Smaill, cover-point,
  • Frank Glass, rover,
  • Ernie Russell, centre,
  • Cecil Blatchford, right wing,
  • Ernie Johnson, left wing
  • Percy LeSueur, goal, (Ottawa)
  • Rod Kennedy, point (Victorias)
  • Frank Patrick, cover-point (Victorias)
  • Joe Power, rover (Quebec)
  • Grover Sargent, centre (Montreal)
  • Eddie Hogan, right wing (Quebec)
  • Jack Marshall, left wing (Shamrocks)

Regular season

Russell Bowie of Victorias led the scoring championship with 31 goals. This was the fifth time in ten seasons that Bowie would lead the scorers.

There was a large amount of player turnover. For the Wanderers, Hod Stuart of Wanderers had died in the off-season, Lester Patrick had moved west, and new players would include Art Ross from Brandon, Tom Hooper of Kenora and Ernie Russell formerly of Montreal HC.

Ottawa lost Harry Smith and Hamby Shore who moved to Winnipeg and Billy Gilmour who joined the Victorias. Ottawa added Cyclone Taylor from Portage Lakes, Tommy Phillips from Kenora, and Marty Walsh from the Canadian Soo.

Montreal Shamrocks signed up Didier Pitre and Jack Laviolette from the International League.

Quebec Bulldogs had three Power brothers in the lineup: Joe, Charles aka 'Chubby' and James aka 'Rocket'.

Montreal Victorias signed Frank Patrick of McGill and Billy Gilmour.

On January 28, the Wanderers played Renfrew Creamery Kings of the Federal League in Brockville, Ontario, for a bet of CA$400, (The Wanderers' expenses were provided). Wanderers played without three of their players from winning the Stanley Cup (Blatchford, Glass and Smail) and lost 11–5 to Renfrew.[3]


Ottawa opened their new Arena, hosting the Wanderers on January 11, 1908, overloading capacity with 7,100 attending. Ottawa defeated the Wanderers 12–2. Ottawa and Wanderers were tied for first going into their rematch on February 29, when the Ottawa manager J. P. Dickson resigned in a dispute over which train to take to Montreal. At the time, two trains were available for the trip, and the two would race, with betting taking place on the winner. In the actual game, the two defence stars Art Ross and Cyclone Taylor would lead end-to-end rushes, and the game would be tied until Taylor was injured, and Bruce Stuart and Walter Smaill would score for the Wanderers to win 4–2.

On January 18, Quebec would defeat Montreal 18–5, with Chubby Power scoring six.

Russell Bowie would score five in a game three times, Marty Walsh would have the biggest game, scoring seven, and six in another. Tom Phillips would score five twice, Herb Jordan would score six and five, and Jack Marshall would score five twice.

Final standing

Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
Montreal Wanderers
Ottawa Hockey Club
Quebec Hockey Club
Montreal Shamrocks
Montreal Victorias
Montreal Hockey Club

Stanley Cup challenges

Wanderers played in three challenges, during the season against Ottawa Victorias and after the season, against Winnipeg and Toronto. All games were played at the Montreal Arena.

Wanderers vs. Ottawa

During the season, Wanderers would play a challenge against the Ottawa Victorias of the Federal Amateur Hockey League. On January 9–13, the Wanderers would win 9–3, 13–1 (22–4). Eddie Roberts broke his collarbone in the first game and was replaced by Gerard. Only 500 attended the second game.[4]

January 9
Victorias 3 at Wanderers 9
Billy Hague G William "Riley" Hern
Charles Ross P Art Ross 2
Melford Milne CP Tom Hooper
Ed Roberts 1 RO Frank "Pud" Glass 3
Alf Young C Ernie Russell 4
Bob Harrison 1 RW Walter Smaill
Jack Fraser 1 LW Ernie "Moose" Johnson
Referees – James Power & D. Brown


January 13
Victorias 1 at Wanderers 13
Billy Hague G William "Riley" Hern
Charles Ross P Art Ross 1
Jack Ryan CP Tom Hooper
Eddie Gerard RO Frank "Pud" Glass 1
Harry Manson 1 C Ernie Russell 6
Bob Harrison RW Cecil Blachford 1
Jack Fraser LW Ernie "Moose" Johnson 4
Referees – James Power & D. Brown


Wanderers vs. Winnipeg

Wanderers defeated Winnipeg Maple Leafs in a two-game series 11–5, 9–3 (20–8) March 10–12.

March 10
Maple Leafs 5 at Wanderers 11
Jack Winchester G William "Riley" Hern
J. A. Forrester P Art Ross 1
Barney Holden (Capt.) CP Walter Smaill 2
Hamilton Hamby Shore F Frank "Pud" Glass 1
Lorne Campbell F Bruce Stuart 2
Harry Kennedy 4 F Cecil Blachford Capt. 3
Fred Lake 1 F Ernie "Moose" Johnson 2
Referees – James Power & Kirby


March 12
Maple Leafs 3 at Wanderers 9
Jack Winchester G William "Riley" Hern
J.A. Forrester P Art Ross
Barney Holden Capt. CP Walter Smaill 1
Hamilton Hamby Shore 2 F Frank "Pud" Glass
Lorne Campbell F Bruce Stuart 4
Harry Kennedy F Cecil Blachford Capt.
Fred Lake 1 F Ernie "Moose" Johnson 4
Referees – Kirby & Henry


Wanderers vs. Toronto

The Wanderers then took on Toronto of the Ontario Professional Hockey League in a challenge. The Wanderers defeated Toronto 6–4 on March 14 on two late goals by Ernie Johnson and Bruce Stuart.

March 14
Toronto 4 at Wanderers 6
Chuck Tyner G William "Riley" Hern
Con Corbeau P Art Ross
Rowley Young 1 CP Walter Smaill
Bert Morrison F Frank "Pud" Glass 2
Edouard Newsy Lalonde 2 F Ernie Russell 1
Bruce Ridpath* Capt. 1 F Cecil Blachford Capt. 1
Wally Mercer F Ernie "Moose" Johnson 1
Jack Marks sub Bruce Start 1
Referees – Frank Patrick & Russell Bowie

* Bruce Ridpath was Playing-Manager-Coach-Captain of 1908 Toronto Professionals [5]

Source: Coleman[6]

Schedule and results

Month Day Visitor Score Home Score
Dec. 29 Shamrocks 10 Montreal 4
Month Day Visitor Score Home Score
Jan. 4 Ottawa 1 Quebec 8
4 Victorias 8 Shamrocks 6
8 Wanderers 7 Montreal 3
11 Wanderers 2 Ottawa 12
11 Quebec 6 Victorias 12
15 Victorias 5 Wanderers 7
18 Ottawa 3 Shamrocks 4 (2' overtime)
18 Montreal 5 Quebec 18
22 Shamrocks 1 Wanderers 3
25 Victorias 9 Ottawa 14
25 Quebec 8 Wanderers 13
29 Victorias 13 Montreal 7
Feb. 1 Ottawa 14 Montreal 7
5 Wanderers 5 Victorias 6 (10' overtime)
8 Quebec 5 Ottawa 11
8 Montreal 3 Shamrocks 9
12 Victorias 4 Shamrocks 7
13 Shamrocks 3 Quebec 7
15 Ottawa 10 Victorias 4
15 Wanderers 8 Quebec 6
19 Montreal 5 Wanderers 8
22 Shamrocks 2 Ottawa 5
22 Quebec 8 Montreal 6
26 Montreal 7 Victorias 4
29 Ottawa 2 Wanderers 4
29 Victorias 8 Quebec 9 (3' overtime)
Mar. 4 Wanderers 6 Shamrocks 4
7 Ottawa 14 Montreal 6
7 Quebec 6 Shamrocks 7

Player statistics

Goaltending averages

Name Club GP GA SO GAA
Billy Nicholson Shamrocks 10 49 4.9
Percy LeSueur Ottawa 10 51 5.1
Riley Hern Wanderers 10 52 5.2
Nathan Frye Victorias 1 7 7.0
Paddy Moran Quebec 10 74 7.4
Robinson Victorias 9 71 7.9
Chuck Tyner Montreal 1 9 9.0
Dave Finnie Montreal 5 48 9.6
Archie Lockerby Montreal 4 48 12.0

Leading scorers

Name Club GP G
Russell Bowie Victorias 10 31
Marty Walsh Ottawa 9 28
Tommy Phillips Ottawa 10 26
Charles Power Quebec 10 23
Herb Jordan Quebec 8 22
Ernie Russell Wanderers 9 21
Jack Marshall Shamrocks 9 19
Joe Eveleigh Montreal 8 16
Joe Power Quebec 10 13
Alf Smith Ottawa 9 13

Stanley Cup engraving

The 1908 Stanley Cup was presented by the trophy's trustee William Foran. The Wanderers never did engrave their names on the Cup for their championship season.

The following Wanderers players and staff were eligible to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup

1908 Montreal Wanderers


Stanley Cup engraving

After engraving 20 member names in the bowl of Stanley Cup in 1907, Wanderers did not even bother including their team name on the Stanley Cup in 1908. It was not until the trophy was redesigned in 1948 that the words "1908 Montreal Wanderers" was put onto its then-new collar.[7]

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