1916 New Year Honours

The New Year Honours 1916 were appointments by King George V to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by members of the British Empire. They were announced on 1 January 1916.[1]

A number of the honours were gazetted as being in recognition of the services of officers during the War. These are noted with a # below.

Order of the Garter

Victoria Cross

Order of the Bath

Knight Grand Cross (GCB)

Civil Division

Knight Commander (KCB)

Military Division
Civil Division

Companion (CB)

Military Division
  • Rear-Admiral Stuart Nicholson, M.V.O. #
  • Captain Herbert Arthur Stevenson Fyler, R.N. #
  • Captain George Price Webley Hope, R.N. #
  • Commodore Algernon Walker Heneage, M.V.O., R.N. #
  • Captain the Honourable Algernon Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, M.V.O., R.N. #
  • Captain Hughes Campbell Lockyer, R.N. #
  • Captain Lionel George Preston, R.N. #
  • Engineer Captain William Whittingham, R.N. #
  • Engineer Captain Henry Humphreys, R.N. #
  • Engineer Commander George Edward Andrew, R.N. #
  • Fleet Surgeon Arthur Gaskell, R.N. #
  • Fleet Paymaster Hamnet Holditch Share, R.N. #
  • Captain Charles Alfred Bartlett, R.N.R., R.D. #
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) John MacNeill Walter, D.S.O., Deputy Adjutant-General, Headquarters, India.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Francis John Fowler, D.S.O., Indian Army, Commanding Derajat Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Alexander Henry Eustace, D.S.O., Indian Army, Commanding Kohat Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Wyndham Charles Knight, D.S.O., A.D.C., Indian Army, Commanding Bombay Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Frederick Hopewell Peterson, D.S.O., Indian Army, Commanding Jhelum Brigade.
  • Colonel Francis Herbert Sullivan Thomas, Indian Army.
  • Colonel Arthur William Cripps, Indian Army, Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport, Lahore Division.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Charles Edward Hendley, Indian Army.
  • Colonel Edward Hearle Cole, Indian Army.
  • Brevet Colonel William Westropp White, Indian Medical Service.
Civil Division
  • Rear-Admiral Arthur William Waymouth. #
  • Rear-Admiral Morgan Singer. #
  • Captain Laurence Eliot Power, M.V.O., R.N. #
  • Captain Clement Greatorex, M.V.O., R.N. #
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Edward Blumberg, R.M.L.I. #
  • Engineer Rear-Admiral William Henry Riley. #
  • Surgeon-General William Henry Norman, R.N. #
  • Temporary Surgeon-General Humphry Davy Rolleston, M.D., F.R.C.P., R.N. #
  • Honorary Captain Sir Richard Henry Williams-Bulkeley, Bart., R.N.R. #
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Orby Shipley, Commanding 3rd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Henry Launcelot Errington, Commanding Inns of Court Officers Training Corps.
  • Honorary Brigadier-General Horatio Reginald Mends (Retired Pay), Secretary, West Riding of York Territorial Force Association.
  • Major-General John Wallace Carson, Canadian Local Forces. #
  • Honorary Brigadier-General Frank Robert Crofton Carleton (Retired Pay), Director of Organisation, War Office. #
  • Colonel Willoughby Garnons Gwatkin, Canadian Local Forces. #
  • Colonel Charles Philip Martel, Superintendent, Royal Gun and Carriage Factories, Royal Arsenal. #
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Colonel) Lionel Charles Gostling Tufnell, Officer in Charge of Records and Commanding Army Ordnance Corps. #
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Edward Phipps, Royal Garrison Artillery Inspection Staff, Royal Arsenal. #
  • Montagu Sherard Dawes Butler, Esq., lately Joint Secretary on the Indian Public Services Commission.
  • Albert Gray, Esq., K.C., Counsel to the Chairman of Committees, House of Lords.
  • Sidney West Harris, Esq., Assistant Secretary, Home Office.
  • George Macdonald, Esq., Assistant Secretary, Scotch Education Department.
  • Henry Gascoyne Maurice, Esq., Assistant Secretary, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Walter Frederick Nicholson, Esq., Clerk, The Admiralty.
  • Garnham Roper, Esq., Assistant Board of Trade.
  • Robert Fitzwilliam Starkie, Esq., Magistrate, Ireland.
  • Percy Thompson, Esq., Secretary to the Board of Inland Revenue.
  • John Anthony Cecil Tilley, Esq., Chief Clerk, Foreign Office.
  • Justin Theodore La Brooy, Esq., Civil Assistant to the Chief Superintendent, Royal Ordnance Factories. #
  • Arthur William James MacFadden, Esq., M.B., Chief Inspector of Foods, Local Government Board. #

Order of Merit

Order of the Star of India

Knight Grand Commander (GCSI)

Knight Commander (KCSI)

  • Sir Steyning William Edgerley, K.C.V.O., C.I.E., Member of the Council of India.
  • Harrington Verney Lovett, Esq., C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, Commissioner of the Lucknow Division, United Provinces, and a Member of the Council of the Lieutenant-Governor for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Robert Woodburn Gillan, Esq., C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, President of the Railway Board.
  • Maharaj Sri Bhairon Singh Bahadur, C.S.I., Vice-President and Political Member of the State Council, Bikaner, Rajputana.

Companion (CSI)

  • Henry Sharp, Esq., C.I.E., Indian Educational Service, Officiating Secretary to the Government of India in the Education Department, and an Additional Member of the Council of the Governor-General for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Ludovic Charles Porter, Esq., C.I.E., Indian Civil Service, lately Secretary to the Government of India in the Education Department.
  • Robert Russell Scott, Esq., Principal Clerk, The Admiralty, late Joint Secretary, Indian Public Services Commission.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel John Walter Edward, Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, V.D., Commandant, 2/7 Hampshire Regiment. #

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Companion (CMG)

  • Thomas Alexander Vans Best, Esq., Colonial Secretary of the Leeward Islands.
  • Thomas Inglis Binnie, Esq., Director of Public Works, Nyasaland Protectorate.
  • James Rufus Boose, Esq., Travelling Commissioner, Royal Colonial Institute.
  • William Brymner, Esq., President of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.
  • John Cadman, Esq., D.Sc., Professor of Mining in the University of Birmingham; Petroleum Adviser to the Colonial Office, and Coal Mining Adviser to the Government of Nigeria.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Henry James Grasett, Chief Constable, Toronto.
  • The Honourable Victor Albert Nelson Hood, Private Secretary to the Governor of Victoria.
  • Surgeon-General Guy Carleton Jones, Director of Medical Services; Canadian Expeditionary Force.
  • Brigadier-General James Charles MacDougall, Commanding Canadian Training Division; Canadian Expeditionary Force.
  • John Middleton, Esq., M.A., Colonial Secretary of the Colony of Mauritius.
  • Charles Frederick Wray Palliser, Esq., Secretary, Office of the High Commissioner for New Zealand.
  • Bernard Senior, Esq., I.S.O., Treasurer of the Island of Ceylon.
  • Adam Smith, Esq., Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council of the Colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Brigadier-General Frederick Hugh Gordon Cunliffe. ("in connection with military operations in the Cameroons.")
  • Captain Guy Reginald Archer Gaunt, R.N., Naval Attache to His Majesty's Embassy at Washington.
  • Andrew Ryan, Esq., late First Dragoman at His Majesty's Embassy at Constantinople.
  • Thomas Harold Lyle, Esq., His Majesty's Consul-General at Bangkok.
  • Arthur Hyde Lay, Esq., His Majesty's Consul-General at Seoul.
  • Colonel William Hacche Drake, R.A., Adjutant-General for the Soudan.
  • Commodore Roger John Brownlow Keyes, C.B., M.V.O., Ad.C. #
  • Captain Douglas Lionel Dent, R.N. #
  • Commodore Maurice Swynfen Fitzmaurice. #
  • Captain Wilfrid Nunn, R.N., D.S.O. #
  • Acting Commander Leopold Arthur Bernays, R.N. #
  • Temporary Major William Wellington Godfrey, Royal Marine Light Infantry. #
  • Major Arthur Edward Bewes, Royal Marine Light Infantry. #

Order of the Indian Empire

Knight Grand Commander (GCIE)

  • His Highness Maharaja Sir Ranbir Singh Bahadur, K.C.S.I., Chief of Jind, Punjab.

Knight Commander (KCIE)

  • Edward Vere Levinge, Esq., C.S.I., Indian Civil Service, an Ordinary Member of the Council of the Lieutenant-Governor of Bihar and Orissa.

Companion (CIE)

  • Major Cecil John Lyons Allanson, Indian Army, lately Military Secretary to His Excellency the Governor of Madras.
  • Rao Bahadur Chunilal Hari Lai Setalvad, Second Presidency Magistrate, Bombay.
  • John Andrew Turner, Esq., M.D., Executive Health Officer, Bombay Municipality.
  • Suresh Prosad Sarbadhikary, Esq., M.D., Calcutta.
  • John Norman Taylor, Esq., Public Works Department, Officiating Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Branch, Upper Jhelum Canal, Punjab.
  • Khan Bahadur Sardar Din Muhammad Khan, Laghari, late Acting Tumandar of the Laghari tribe in the Dera Ghazi Khan District, Punjab.
  • Lionel Linton Tomkins, Esq., Indian Police, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Punjab.
  • Douglas Marshall Straight, Esq., Indian Police, Inspector-General of Police, United Provinces, and a Member of the Council of the Lieutenant-Governor for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Babu Mot-i Chand, a Member of the Council of the Lieutenant-Governor for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Matthew Hunter, Esq., Indian Educational Service, Principal, Rangoon College.
  • John Tarlton Whitty, Esq., Indian Civil Service, Magistrate and Collector of Gaya, Bihar and Orissa.
  • Moses Mordecai Simeon Gubbay, Esq., Indian Civil Service, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India in the Finance Department, and lately Wheat Commissioner for India.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Augustus Muspratt-Williams, Royal Artillery, Chief Inspector of Explosives with the Government of India.
  • Raja Bhagwat Raj Bahadur Singh, of Sohawal, Central India.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Charles MacWatt, Indian Medical Service, Chief Medical Officer, Rajputana, and Civil Surgeon, Ajmer.
  • George Paris Dick, Esq., Government Advocate, Central Provinces.
  • Horatio Norman Bolton, Esq., Indian Civil Service, Deputy Commissioner, Peshawar District, North-West Frontier Province.
  • Major William John Keen, Indian Army, Political Agent, Dir, Swat and Chitral, North-West Frontier Province.
  • Major William Magill Kennedy, Indian Army, President of the Assam Labour Board.
  • Khan Bahadur Sheikh Makbul Hosain, United Provinces Provincial Service, Revenue Minister in the Kashmir State.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Cyril Harcourt Roe, Director of Movements and Quarterings, Quartermaster-General's Branch, Army Headquarters, India. #
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Offley Bohun Stovin Fairless Shore, C.B., D.S.O., Director of Staff Duties and Military Training, Army Headquarters, India. #
  • Lieutenant-Colonel George Sim Ogg, Royal Artillery, Superintendent, Gun and Shell Factory, Cossipore. #
  • Major Charles Hugh Hodges Nugent, Royal Engineers, Inspector of Machinery, Military Works Services, India. #
  • Commander Michael Warren Farewell, Royal Indian Marine, Port Officer and Marine Transport Officer, Karachi. #
  • Major John Bertram Cunliffe, Madras Artillery Volunteers. #
  • Temporary Captain Evelyn Berkeley Howell, Special List, Censor of Indian Mails with the Indian Expeditionary Force in France. #

Royal Victorian Order

Knight Grand Cross (GCVO)

Knight Commander (KCVO)

Commander (CVO)

Member, 4th Class

Imperial Service Order (ISO)

Home Civil Service
  • John Hobson Aitken, Esq., Chief Clerk to the Government Office, Isle of Man.

King's Police Medal (KPM)

England and Wales
Police Forces
  • Captain Fullarton James, Chief Constable of Northumberland.
  • Captain Jasper G. Mayne, Chief Constable of East Suffolk.
  • Henry Riches, Chief Constable of Middlesbrough.
  • Captain Lindsay Robert Burnett, Chief Constable of the Wolverhampton Borough Police.
  • George William Bailey, Superintendent, Kingston-upon-Hull City Police.
  • James Bardwell, Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable, West Suffolk Constabulary.
  • John Clamp, Superintendent, Derby Borough Police.
  • John James, Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable, Pembrokeshire Constabulary.
  • John Foulger Page, Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable, East Suffolk Police.
  • Young Sainsbury, Superintendent, Gloucestershire Constabulary.
  • Donald Waters, Superintendent, Metropolitan Police.
  • Albert Handley, Cecil Smithers, Sergeants, Metropolitan Police.
  • Walter Carpenter, John Dew, Fred Drabble, Albert Hughes, Charles Kemp, Constables, Metropolitan Police.
  • Jack Monks, Constable, Blackpool Police.
Fire Brigades
  • William George Swanton, Deputy Superintendent, Newcastle-on-Tyne Fire Brigade.
  • G. A. Henley, Fireman, London Fire Brigade.
Police Forces
  • Charles Harding, Chief Constable of the Renfrewshire Constabulary.
  • James Ross, Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable, Argyllshire Constabulary.
  • William Moodie, Superintendent, Edinburgh Police.
  • Archibald Swan, Inspector, Glasgow City Police.
Fire Brigades
  • William Waddell, Chief Officer of the Glasgow Fire Brigade.
  • William Allan, Superintendent, Edinburgh Fire Brigade.
  • Albert Augustine Roberts, County Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary.
  • Timothy Murphy, Head Constable, Royal Irish Constabulary.
  • Richard Howard Hitchcock, Superintendent, fifth grade, Madras Police.
  • Leslie Withinshaw, Acting Superintendent, Madras Police.
  • Lakshmaua Rao, Probationary Sub-Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Ellati Valiagatti Amu, Sub-Inspector, third grade, Madras Police.
  • John Moore, Superintendent, fourth grade, Madras Police.
  • Jack Elliott, Assistant Superintendent, second grade, Madras Police.
  • Tharmapuram Venkatarama Ayyar Krishnaswami Ayyar, 2nd class Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Abhiramapuram K Rajah Ayyar. Deputy-Superintendent of Police, third grade, Madras Police.
  • Govindan Nayar, Head Constable, first grade, Madras Police.
  • Edmond Harvey Sullivan, Officiating District Superintendent, Madras Police.
  • Wilfred Henry Luck, Deputy Inspector-General of Police for Sind, Bombay Police.
  • F. C. Griffith, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Bombay City Police.
  • Simon Favel, Inspector of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Bombay City Police.
  • Abdul Wahab walad Shaik Fajee, First Grade Head Constable, G.I.P . Railway Police, Bombay Police.
  • Khan Saheb Muhammad Faizullah Muhammad Taki, Inspector, Criminal Investigation Department, Bombay Police.
  • J. Acton, Third Grade Inspector of Police, Ahmedabad, Bombay Police.
  • Dhondu Narayan, Constable, Bombay City Police.
  • Oswald Allen Harker, Deputy Commissioner, Bombay City Police.
  • John Joseph Stenson, Inspector, Bombay City Police.
  • William Thomas Moore, Deputy Inspector-General, Bengal Police.
  • Trevor Claude Simpson, Superintendent, Bengal Police.
  • Lionel Hewitt Colson, Superintendent, Bengal Police.
  • Keramat Husain, Head Constable, Bengal Police.
  • Elliot Kaye, Superintendent, United Provinces Police.
  • Bashir Husain, Sub-Inspector, United Provinces Police.
  • H. V. B. Scott, Superintendent, Punjab Police.
  • A. W. Mercer, Superintendent, Punjab Police.
  • J. F . Coatman, Assistant Superintendent, Punjab Police.
  • Abdul Aziz, Inspector, Punjab Police
  • Sardar Liaqat Hayat Khan, Deputy Superintendent, Punjab Police.
  • Amir Ali, Inspector, Punjab Police.
  • Fazil Imam, Sub-Inspector, Criminal Investigation Department, Punjab Police.
  • Amar Singh, Sub-Inspector, Punjab Police. Sher Mohammad, Head Constable, No. 68 of the Dera Ghazi Khan District, Punjab Police.
  • Phuman Singh, Foot Constable, Punjab Police.
  • Edward Cheke Smalley Shuttleworth, Superintendent, Rangoon Town Police.
  • Nawab Ali, Head Constable, third grade, Burma Police.
  • Daim Khan, Head Constable, second grade, Burma Police.
  • Maung Mo Zwe, Head Constable, first grade, and officiating Sub-Inspector of Police, sixth grade, Burma Police.
  • Maung San Baw, Constable, Burma Police.
  • Sukraj Limbu, Subadar, Burma Military Police.
  • Maung Aung Ban, A.T.M., Deputy Superintendent, first grade, Burma Police.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Albert Edward Woods, C.S.I., Inspector-General, Assam Police.
  • Hirarup Sahi, Jemadar, Lushai Hills Military Police Battalion, Assam Military Police.
  • Muhammad Akbar, Officiating Sub-Inspector, fifth grade, North-West Frontier Police.
  • Khan Sahib Boi Khan, Subadar Major, Frontier Constabulary, North-West Frontier Police.
  • William Alfred Gayer, Deputy Inspector-General, His Highness the Nizam's Government, Hyderabad Police.
  • Subhan Khan, Constable, Ajmer-Merwara Police.
  • Abbas Raza Khan, Sub-Inspector, Baluchistan Police.
  • Gulab Shah, Mounted Head Constable, first grade, Baluchistan Police.
  • Sant Singh, Sub-Inspector, Punjab Police.
Colonial Forces
  • Andrew John O'Byrne, Constable, South African Police.
  • William Smith, Inspector of Police, Tasmania.
  • Percy John Ernest Grant, Sergeant of Police, Tasmania.
  • John Watson, Constable of Police, Tasmania.
  • U. M. Kalu Banda, Constable, Ceylon Police Force.
  • Mohamed Ali bin Nabi, Constable, Singapore Police Force.
  • Bela Singh, Constable, Federated Malay States Police Force.
  • Johnson Osuji Njemanze, Inspector, Police Force of the Southern Provinces, Nigeria.
  • Samagi, Corporal No. 267, Police Force of the Southern Provinces, Nigeria.
  • Nyama, Lance-Corporal No. 346, Police Force of the Southern Provinces, Nigeria.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

  • Flight Sub-Lieutenant Gilbert Formby Smylie, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant Humphrey John Lancaster, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant Robert Jardine Carruthers, R.N.V.R. #
  • Sub-Lieutenant Alexander Daniells, R.N.R. #
  • Sub-Lieutenant George Grimshaw Rose, R.N.R. #
  • Sub-Lieutenant William Quinn McKeown. #
  • Sub-Lieutenant Harry Beedle, R.N.R. #
  • Gunner (T) Arthur Samuel Edmund Roberts, R.N. #
  • Artificer-Engineer Arthur Lewis Shaw, R.N. #
  • Skipper Frederick Wink, R.N.R. #
  • Skipper Francis McPherson, R.N.R. #
  • Lieutenant Ralph Daniel Blyth Haddon, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant Arthur William Lancelot Brewill, R.N. #
  • Captain (now Major) George Leonard Raikes, R.M.A. #
  • Captain William Noel Stokes, R.M.A. #
  • Captain George Pinckard Lathbury, R.M.L.I. #
  • Temporary Captain Frank Summers, R.M. #
  • Acting Lieutenant Harold Roger Lambert, R.M. #
  • Temporary Lieutenant Thomas Cuming, R.M. #
  • Acting Lieutenant Francis Cecil Law, R.M. #
  • Midshipman Hugh Beckett Anderson, R.N. #

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

  • Commander (Acting Captain) Richard Huth Walters, R.N. #
  • Commander Edgar Robert Morant, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant-Commander (Acting Commander) Walter Geoffrey Rigg, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant-Commander (Acting Commander) Gervase William Heaton Heaton, R.N. #
  • Engineer-Commander John Carmichael, R.N.R. #
  • Lieutenant-Commander Norman Malet Colquhoun Thurstan, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant William Victor Rice, R.N. #
  • Captain Charles Penrose Rushton Coode, R.N. #
  • Commander Raymond Fitzmaurice, R.N. #
  • Commander Ralph Stuart Sneyd, R.N.#
  • Commander Robert Herbert Wilfrid Rhodes R.D., R.N.R. #
  • Lieutenant-Commander Kenneth Mervyn Bruce, R.N. #
  • Lieutenant Wilfrid Bayley Pirie, R.N. #
  • Captain Edwin Harold Barr, R.M.A. #
  • Temporary Captain Henry Meredith Leaf,. R.M.#
  • Flight Sub-Lieutenant James Brian Patrick Ferrand, R.N. #
  • Flight Sub-Lieutenant Taunton Elliott-Viney, R.N. #
  • Le Lieutenant en second Colley Saint-Paul Comte de Sincay (Honorary)

Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)

  • Chief Petty Officer William Westborough, O.N.145272 (R.F.R. Dev. A/3287). #
  • Able Seaman Bezelell Jones, Mercantile Rating. #
  • Chief Engine-room Artificer, 1st Class, Albert Edgar Abraham, O.N.268771. #
  • Chief Petty Officer William Grant, O.N. 195507. #
  • Able Seaman George Broomfield, O.N. 237502. #
  • Petty Officer Samuel Robert Saul Chamberlain, O.N.195022. #
  • Leading Seaman George William Tomsett, O.N.184462 (R.F.R. Ch.B/3055). #
  • Leading Seaman Walter Robert Francis, O.N.231988. #
  • Trimmer Christopher Pratt, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3680 T.S. #
  • Leading Stoker Andrew Martin, O.N.289335 (R.F.R. Po.B/3653). #
  • Engineman Frank Munro, R.N. Trawler Re- serve, O.N.3 E.S. #
  • Stoker Petty Officer Thomas H. Lawrence, O.N.K.1106. #
  • Yeoman of Signals Arthur Henry Hogbin, O.N.209010 (R.F.R. Ch.B/10824). #
  • Chief Petty Officer Arthur Frederick Hears, O.N.143768 (R.F.R. Ch.A/1862). #
  • Petty Officer, 1st Class, William Frederick Harris, O.N.119424 (R.F.R. Dev. A/2350). #
  • Deck Hand John Donaldson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.6544 D.A. #
  • Petty Officer, 1st Class, Charles Stuart Masters, O.N.178072 (R.F.R. Ch.B/5425). #
  • Engineman Alderman Cooper, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.2760 E.S. #
  • Deck Hand Charles Henry Payee Drury, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.649 D.A. #
  • Stoker Petty Officer Henry Williams, O.N.309953. #
  • Chief Petty Officer Charles Matthew Cleveland, O.N.124057 (R.F.R. Ch.A/1510). #
  • Able Seaman Harry Elliott, O.N.229460. #
  • Boy Telegraphist Alex Bernard Keune, O.N.J30036. #
  • Seaman Christopher Kelly, R.N.R., O.N. 7806 A. #
  • Able Seaman James Tyrrel Turner, R.N.V.R., London, Z.470. #
  • Able Seaman Patrick Joseph' Welsh, Mercantile Rating. #
  • Petty Officer, 1st Class, Frederick Felix Lynch, O.N.149593 (R.F.R. Ch.B/5969). #
  • Second Hand Frederick Gibson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.76 D.A. #
  • Second Hand James Bell, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.372 S.A. #
  • Deck Hand Frederick Hewitt, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1459 D.A. #
  • Deck Hand Alexander Gumming Thomson, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1460 D.A. #
  • Deck Hand Roger Brown Martin, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1377 D.A. #
  • Deck Hand Arthur Burnard Mooney, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3184 D.A. #
  • Deck Hand James McAllister Burnett, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1215 D.A. #
  • Second Hand Joseph Foley, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.80 D.A. #
  • Chief Armourer Telford Anthony, O.N. 342614. #
  • Chief Petty Officer Austin Jesse Emms, O.N.152170. #
  • Chief Electrical Artificer, 2nd Class, William Arthur Ellis, O.N.346013. #
  • Petty Officer Abercrombie Blunden, O.N. 182407. #
  • Petty Officer Charles Fredrick Munds, O.N. 198331. #
  • Petty Officer Robert Almond White, O.N. 189413. #
  • Leading Seaman James Peter Travil, O.N. 215206. #
  • Chief Petty Officer Charles Herbert Porter, O.N.172059. #
  • Petty Officer William Joseph Brown, O.N. 160889. #
  • Chief Petty Officer Henry Edward Saunders, O.N.161556. #
  • Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Robert Mills, O.N. 271072. #
  • Petty Officer Robert Moth, O.N. 220366. #
  • Chief Petty Officer William Henry Stamp,. O.N. 173,412.#
  • Petty Officer Daniel Garrett, O.N. 181,495. #
  • Able Seaman Edmund Charles Aslett, O.N. 236,458. #
  • Able Seaman Ernest Alfred Hobbs, O.N. 224,576. (R.F.R. Ch. B/8236.) #
  • Able Seaman Ernest Hall, O.N. SS.3771. #
  • Acting Serjeant-Major William Thomas Clarke, No. R.M.A. 6475. #
  • Gunner Robert McCurrach, No. R.M.A. 12045. #
  • Gunner Harry James Messum, No. R.M.A. 9579. (R.F.R. 1295.) #
  • Air Mechanic, 1st Class, George Thomas Oldfield. #
  • Leading Seaman William Norman, O.N. 184442. #
  • Petty Officer Thomas James Butland, O.N. 193117. #
  • Stoker Petty Officer William Coyte, O.N. 276228. #
  • Able Seaman Albert Victor Cornish, O.N. J.4508. #
  • Petty Officer Hugh McKenzie, O.N. 195365. #
  • Leading Seaman Samuel Peck, O.N. 208367. (R.F.R. Dev. B/4695.) #
  • Serjeant (Road Inspector) Alfred Chouffot, No. R.M.A./99(S), R.N.D., Motor Transport Company. #
  • Officier-marinier Francois Billois, pilote d'avion, Dunkerque Naval Aeroplane Squadron. #

Royal Red Cross (RRC)

  • Miss Margaret Clothilde Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, Canadian Nursing Service.


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