1982 El Salvador earthquake

1982 El Salvador earthquake
1982 El Salvador earthquake is located in Central America
Guatemala City
Guatemala City
San José
San José
1982 El Salvador earthquake
UTC time 1982-06-19 06:21:58
ISC event 597450
Local date 19 June 1982 (1982-06-19)
Local time 00:21:58
Duration 25 s (shaking felt)[1]
Magnitude Ms 7.2
Depth 82 km (51 mi)
Epicenter 13°19′N 89°20′W / 13.31°N 89.34°W / 13.31; -89.34Coordinates: 13°19′N 89°20′W / 13.31°N 89.34°W / 13.31; -89.34
Type Normal[2]
Areas affected El Salvador
Total damage $5 million[3]
Max. intensity VII (Very strong)[3]
Landslides Yes[4]
Casualties 16–43 dead[2]

The 1982 El Salvador earthquake occurred southeast of San Salvador on 19 June at 00:21 local time (06:21 UTC). This undersea earthquake struck offshore in the Pacific Ocean and had a surface wave magnitude of 7.2 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong). Occurring adjacent to a subduction zone at the Middle America Trench, this normal-slip shock left at least 16 and as many as 43 people dead, and many injured, and also inflicted $5 million in damage.

Tectonic setting

Near the Salvadorian coast, the Cocos Plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean Plate at the Middle America Trench. This earthquake was an intra-slab, normal-slip subduction earthquake in the subducting plate. The subduction zone and a local system of faults along the volcanic chain are two major sources of the earthquakes in El Salvador.[5]


The mechanism of this earthquake had many similarities with the El Salvador earthquake of 13 January 2001.[6]


The intensity in San Salvador reached VII (Very strong).[7][8] The most affected cities are San Salvador, Ahuachapán, Concepción de Ataco, Comasagua, San Miguel, San Pedro Nonualco, and San Juan Tepezontes.[9] This earthquake could be felt in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, with intensities V (Moderate) in Guatemala City, Guatemala, IV (Light) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, V in Managua, Nicaragua, and III (Weak) in San José, Costa Rica.[10][11]

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