1991 Rudrapur bombings

1991 Rudrapur bombings
Location Rudrapur,India
Date 17 October 1991
Attack type
Dual bombings
Deaths 40
Injured 197

1991 Rudrapur bombings were bombings by the suspected terrorists in 1991 in Rudrapur city in Indian state of Uttarakhand.[1] Two bombs were exploded on 17 October 1991. The first bomb exploded when people were watching Ramlila in the public ground. After 15 minutes the second bomb went off near the hospital where injured were being taken. The bombings killed more than 40 people and injuring 140 people. Later BSTK and the Khalistan National Army claimed the responsibility for the bombings.[2][3]

It was one of the most significant incidents of the region to employ an IED for the explosion.[4]


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