2015 in Ukraine

The following lists events that happened during 2015 in Ukraine.



  • January 3 - An image of a BPM-97 apparently inside Ukraine, in Luhansk, appeared to deliver further evidence of Russian military vehicles inside Ukraine.[1]
  • January 6 - A military truck collides with a bus carrying members of the National Guard of Ukraine killing 12 soldiers and injuring 20 others.[2]
  • January 13 - A passenger bus is fired upon by rebels at a check point in eastern Ukraine. At least ten civilians were killed and many others injured.[3]
  • January 22 - An explosion on a civilian bus in the city of Donetsk kills thirteen people. Separatists and pro-government forces blame each other for the incident.[4]
  • January 24 - An attack on an open-air market in Mariupol, Ukraine leaves at least 27 people killed and more than 90 injured. The pro-Russian rebel leader, Alexander Zakharchenko, announces an offensive on Mariupol.[5]










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