2015 in the State of Palestine

Events in the year 2015 in the State of Palestine.


State of Palestine (UN observer non-member State)

Gaza Strip (Hamas administration unrecognized by the United Nations)


  • January 1 - The Palestinian Authority signs a treaty to join and participate in the International Criminal Court.[1]
  • January 25 - Palestinian Authority Preventative Security officers arrest Bara al-Qadi, a 22-year-old undergraduate student at Birzeit University, for a social media post criticising Minister for Sport Jibril Rajoub.[2] The arrest prompted criticism from Amnesty International.[3]
  • June 10 - Izz al-Din Walid Bani Gharra (21) was killed by an Israeli Border Policeman during a raid on the Jenin Refugee Camp in a search-and-arrest operation and shot him in the chest. The incident occurred as the troops were withdrawing. According to Israeli reports he was shot dead while he was trying to throw an improvised explosive device.[4]
  • July 31 - Duma arson attack: two family homes in Duma, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, were firebombed by masked attackers. 18-month-old Ali Sa'ad Dawabsheh was burnt to death; his parents and 4-year-old brother were critically injured and rushed to Israeli hospitals, where both parents later died of their burns.[5][6][7]
  • September 9 - Israel outlawed two grassroots Palestinian Islamist groups, "Mourabitoon" and "Mourabitaat", involved in aggressive protests at Temple Mount against stepped-up visits by religious Jews.[8] This escalated tensions over the status of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, leading to an increase in violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • September 10 - By a vote of 119 to 8, the United Nations General Assembly adopts a motion to fly the flag of United Nations General Assembly observers, presently including Palestine and the Holy See, at the UN Headquarters and offices.[9]
  • September 13 - Israeli police raided the plaza outside al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount, with witnesses reporting that the police used rubber bullets and tear gas, and chained the doors of the mosque shut.[10] There were numerous clashes around the site in the following days between Israeli police and Palestinian protestors.[11]
  • September 22 - Palestinian woman Hadeel al-Hashlamon was killed at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Hebron while on her way to school.[12] In the following weeks, Hebron became a centre of violent incidents and protests.[13]
  • October 1 - Killing of Eitam and Na'ama Henkin, making the start of an escalation in lone wolf attacks by Palestinians on Israelis dubbed the "Wave of Terror" by the Israeli media.[14]
  • November 30 - The two Israeli minors involved in the kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir were found guilty of murder by the Jerusalem district court.[15]
  • December 16 - Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem releases a report listing twelve incidents in which Israeli soldiers and other security forces allegedly used excessive force against Palestinians, by shooting the assailants or suspected assailants even after they no longer posed any danger.[16] B'Tselem accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of overseeing a "new pseudo-normative reality" in which a "shoot to kill" approach should always be adopted by police officers or armed civilians regarding suspected Palestinian assailants.[17]


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