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2023 Sudanese general election

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Head of State before election

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan

Elected Head of State


General elections are scheduled to be held in Sudan in July 2023. A constitutional convention is expected to be held before the end of the transitional period to draft a permanent constitution that should define the form of government and electoral system.[1][2]

Constitutional ineligibility constraint

Article 19 of the August 2019 Draft Constitutional Declaration forbids "the chairman and members of the Sovereignty Council and ministers, governors of provinces, or heads of regions" from running "in the public elections" planned for late 2022. Article 38.(c)(iv) of the declaration states that the chair and members of the Elections Commission are to be appointed by the Sovereignty Council in consultation with the Cabinet.[3]

October 2021 coup

A coup was launched by military forces on October 24, 2021, which resulted in the arrests of at least five senior Sudanese government figures. Widespread Internet outages were also reported. It is not currently clear as to what impact this will have on the planned election.[4]


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