Abd-al-Masih (martyr)

Born אשר בן לוי
(Asher ben Levi)
perhaps Sinjar
Died 390 AD
perhaps Sinjar
Venerated in Syriac Orthodox Church
Beatified Pre-Congregation, Syria by Syriac Orthodox Church
Canonized Pre-Congregation, Syria by Syriac Orthodox Church
Feast October 3
Patronage sterile women

Abd-al-Masih (or Abda) was a Jewish Christian martyr of Late Antiquity.

Abd al-Masih, born Asher ben Levi[1] of unknown date was a converted Jewish shepherd boy later canonised as a saint, who was killed by his father for his faith. The story is set in Singara and is a Syriac text with later versions in Arabic and Armenian.[2] He lived near Sinjar in the Persian Empire. Having been converted to Christianity he pierced his ear to wear earring (probably indication of his slavery).[3] He died in 390 AD.[4] There is disagreement about the location of his martyrdom. Some sources say Singar (in modern Iraq near the Syrian border), and others say Taglibis in Arabia. He is regarded as the patron saint of sterile women in Syria, and has his feast day observed on July 13, and July 22 or October 3.[5]


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