The old Abja Flax Factory, c. 1920
The old Abja Flax Factory, c. 1920
Abja-Vanamõisa is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°06′24″N 25°18′03″E / 58.10667°N 25.30083°E / 58.10667; 25.30083Coordinates: 58°06′24″N 25°18′03″E / 58.10667°N 25.30083°E / 58.10667; 25.30083
Country Estonia
County Viljandi County
Municipality Mulgi Parish
First mentioned 1583
 (01.01.2012 [1])
 • Total 95

Abja-Vanamõisa (also known as Tümpsi) is a village in Mulgi Parish, Viljandi County, in southern Estonia. It's located about 4 km (2 mi) west of the town of Abja-Paluoja and 7 km east of Mõisaküla, between the ValgaUulu (Valga–Pärnu) road (nr. 8) and the Estonia–Latvia border. Abja-Vanamõisa has a population of 95 (as of 1 January 2012).[1]

The village was first mentioned in 1583 when the Livonian War was ending. In 1811 a manor known as Friedrichsheim was established in the village by detaching the lands from the nearby Abja Manor. It's known that a school operated in Vanamõisa already in 1838. In 1914 a flax factory which is considered to be the first in Estonia[2] was established by engineer Mats Kissa (1887–1956) in Vanamõisa. The factory was closed in 1990.[3]

Soviet admiral Johan Ludri [et] (1895–1937) was born in Ärma farmstead in Abja-Vanamõisa.[3]

Popular Estonian organic dairy products producer Pajumäe Farm is located in Abja-Vanaõisa.


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