Al-Jazuli Daf'allah

Al-Jazuli Daf'allah in 1985

Dr. Al-Jazuli Daf'allah (Arabic: الجزولي دفع الله‎) (born December 1935[1]) graduated from Khartoum University medical faculty in 1959 and was head of the Sudanese Medical Association.[2] He was the 11th Prime minister of Sudan from April 22, 1985, to May 6, 1986.[3] After participating in the 1985 Sudanese coup d'état that deposed the government of Gaafar Nimeiry, he joined the military government of Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab as prime minister. He resigned the post after the 1986 Sudanese parliamentary election, and was succeeded by Sadiq al-Mahdi.


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