Al Diwaniyah

Al Diwaniyah

Al-Diwaniyah at night
Al-Diwaniyah at night
Al Diwaniyah is located in Iraq
Al Diwaniyah
Al Diwaniyah
Location within Iraq
Coordinates: 32°00′N 45°00′E / 32.000°N 45.000°E / 32.000; 45.000
Country  Iraq
Province Al-Qādisiyyah
 (2012 Est)
 • Total 650,927

Al Diwaniyah (Arabic: الديوانيةAd Dīwānīyah), also spelt Diwaniya, is the capital city of Iraq's Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate. In 2002 the population was estimated at 440,927.


The area around Al Diwaniyah, which is well irrigated from the nearby Euphrates river, is often considered to be one on the most fertile parts of Iraq, and is heavily cultivated. The town is located on the main rail transport corridor between Baghdad and Basra.

For birdwatchers, Al-Diwaniyah is a city with a rich bird list, as the city has a wide range of biodiversity. Al-Qadisiyah consists of vast agricultural areas, wetlands, arid zones, and semi-desert areas.

The city is the site of a tire manufacturing plant that once provided tires for much of Iraq. The plant is currently active.[1]

Al-Diwaniyah is the headquarters of the Iraqi Army's 8th Division (Iraq).


Al Diwaniyah has a hot desert climate (BWh) in the Köppen–Geiger climate classification system.


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Coordinates: 31°59′21″N 44°55′29″E / 31.98917°N 44.92472°E / 31.98917; 44.92472