Alfred Leonard Cline

Alfred Leonard Cline
Born (1888-03-12)March 12, 1888
Died August 5, 1948(1948-08-05) (aged 60)
Cause of death Heart attack
Other names "The Buttermilk Bluebeard"
Conviction(s) Forgery
Criminal penalty 126 years imprisonment
Victims 0–9
Span of crimes
Country United States
State(s) California, Nevada, Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado
Date apprehended

Alfred Leonard Cline (1888 – August 5, 1948), also known as "Buttermilk Bluebeard", was an alleged American serial killer responsible for murdering at least nine people.[1]


Cline was born on March 12, 1888, in Kansas. He was never convicted of murders, as no supporting evidence was found. He married women of status, convinced them to will their possessions to his name, and persuaded them to drink a glass of poisoned buttermilk that contained powerful sedatives.[1] After a fatal dose of drugs, a local doctor would issue a death certificate citing the cause of death to be heart failure.[2]

Cline cremated his later wives to hide any evidence of murder.[2] He acquired over $82,000 in possessions from eight of his wives.[1] Cline was prosecuted for a murder charge, but jailed for forgery. He was sentenced to 126 years in Folsom Prison, California. Cline died of a heart attack in the prison on August 5, 1948.[3]

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