American Legion (Great Britain)

American Legion
Benedict Arnold at Colonial Williamsburg - Stierch.jpg
American Legion reenactors at Colonial Williamsburg
Active 1780–1783
Disbanded 24 October 1783
Country  Great Britain
Allegiance New York
Branch British Army
Type Provincial Troops
Role Cavalry and infantry
Size Corps (regiment)
Part of British American Forces
Facings Green
Engagements American War of Independence
Commanding Officer Brigadier General Benedict Arnold

The American Legion was a provincial cavalry and infantry corps (regiment) of the British Army in the American War of Independence commanded by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold.


The American Legion is notable for the fact that Brigadier General Benedict Arnold was commander.[1] It was organised in October 1780 at New York.[2] It accompanied him in his raid upon Virginia and did good service. It was also with him in his expedition into Connecticut in September 1781 in which two forts were stormed and dismantled and the town of New London plundered and burned.[1] The Legion was disbanded on 24 October 1783 in New Brunswick[citation needed].


The Legion's uniform consisted of a red coat with green facings. The coat had short tails, as opposed to those worn by British Regulars who wore long tails.


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