Anadin is a brand of painkiller sold in the UK and Ireland, launched in 1932, originally by American pharmaceutical company Anacin and currently by Pfizer.[1]


Several different types of painkiller are sold under the brand.[2] As of April 2009, these include:


Along with other brands, Anadin's paracetamol tablets have been criticised for being overpriced compared to non-branded versions (e.g. in 2008 16 Anadin Paracetamol tablets each containing 500 mg of paracetamol cost around £2.09 while non-branded equivalents retailed for around £0.35).[4]

As with many proprietary painkillers, the addition of caffeine to Anadin products may also make them slightly addictive or even induce headaches once people stop taking them.[4]

See also

  • Anacin (American original brand launched in the UK as Anadin in 1932)[5]


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