Ant Whiting

Ant Whiting
Birth name Anthony Whiting
Occupation(s) Songwriter, producer, musician
Labels Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Associated acts Rizzle Kicks, MIA, Norman Cook, John Newman, ,
Website Ant Whiting Management

Anthony Whiting better known as Ant Whiting is a British songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,[1] and producer signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing.[2] He has worked as a producer and songwriter with artists such as John Newman and Rizzle Kicks.[3]


Whiting began his production and writing career with two tracks on MIA's debut album Arular, including the singles "Fire Fire" & "Bingo."[4] Since then Whiting has co-written & produced for a number of established artists, his biggest success to date has been with Rizzle Kicks as the main co-writer and producer on the platinum selling UK No. 5 album Stereo Typical, where he delivered six tracks including two singles "Traveller's Chant" and "Dreamer's." Whiting worked with Rizzle Kicks writing for their follow up album (Roaring 20s) out September 2013,[1] where he wrote & produced the majority of their album alongside producer Norman Cook.[2]

Further releases in 2013 included cuts with Devlin (Island) and Chlöe Howl (Columbia), tracks for Ella Eyre (Virgin), and co-writing with Willy Moon (Island).[4] He also produced the John Newman debut album Tribute, which peaked at No. 1 on the UK album charts.[1] He also worked on the debut by Becky Hill.[1]



Selected production and songwriting credits for Ant Whiting
Yr Album or song
Artist(s) Release
Production details
2004 "Sunshowers" (#93 UK) MIA XL n/a Add. vocals and production
2005 "Bingo" MIA XL/Columbia Co-writer Add. vocals and production
"Fire Fire" Co-writer Add. vocals and production
2008 "See You When You Get Here" Lisa Mitchell Warner n/a Produced, recorded, mixed
2009 The Animal Richard Walters Kartel n/a Producer, engineer, mix
Eugene McGuinness Eugene McGuinness Domino n/a Producer (primary)
"Duchess of Mess" Lisa Mitchell Warner AUS n/a Producer
"Heroine" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Animals" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Stevie" n/a Producer (primary)
"So Jealous" Co-writer Producer (primary)
2010 "I'm The Fool" SoundGirl Mercury n/a Add. Production & Mix
"Modern Day Romance" Jagga Pure Groove Co-writer Producer
2011 "Don't Know Why" (#45 UK) SoundGirl Mercury Co-writer Production
"Dancing on My Own" Pixie Lott Mercury n/a Add. Production & Mix
"Dreamers" (#105 UK) Rizzle Kicks Island Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Round Up" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Homewrecker" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Learn My Lesson" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Even on a Rainy Day" Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Traveller's Chant" (#44 UK) Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Garden" Co-writer Producer (primary)
2012 Vivid Crystal Kay Universal Co-writer n/a
2013 Tribute (#1 UK) John Newman Island n/a Co-producer
"Out of My Head" (#91 UK) n/a Co-producer
"Losing Sleep" (#48 UK) n/a Co-producer
"Cheating" (#9 UK) n/a Co-producer
Roaring 20s Rizzle Kicks Island Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Skip to the Good Bit" (#16 UK) Lyrics Co-producer
"Lost Generation" (#6 UK) Co-writer Producer (primary)
"Thank You Very Much" (#2 POL) Margaret Magic n/a Producer (primary)
"Really Cold" Devlin Island Co-writer Producer (primary)
2014 Add the Blonde (#8 POL) Margaret Magic Co-writer Co-producer
"Wasted" (#6 POL) Co-writer n/a


Selected remixes by Ant Whiting, with date of remix release
Year Title Original artist Release details
2005 "Hombre" MIA XL / Columbia
2006 "You're My Flame" Zero 7 Atlantic
2006 "Want" Natalie Imbruglia Island
2009 "Stone Cold Sober" Paloma Faith Epic

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