Aregawi Sabagadis

Aregawi Sabagadis
አረገዊ ሰባጋዲስ
Governor of Agame
Reign 1831-1859
Born Adigrat, Agame, Ethiopia
Died 1860
Issue Ras Sebhat Aregawi
Dejazmatch Desta Aragawi
Dejazmatch Wolde Gabriel Aragawi
Lij Asgadem Aragawi
Dejazmatch Abbaya Aragawi
Woizero Shoanesh
House House of Agame
Father Dejazmach Sabagadis Woldu
Mother Woizero Desta

Aregawi Sabagadis (Tigrinya: አረገዊ ሰባጋዲስ, arägawi säbagadis; d.1860) was a dejazmach (governor) of Agame from 1831 to 1859.[1] Aregawi gained some fame in the 1840-50s for rebelling a number of times against dejazmach Wube Haile Mariam. Making Adigrat his capital, he ruled Agame and the surrounding areas by 1818. Aregawi opposed Catholic missionaries activities in Tigray.[2] However, by the end of his rule, he developed diplomatic relations with the French consul in Massawa. Aregawi was the son the dejazmach Sabagadis Woldu and was the father of ras Sebhat Aregawi.[1]


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