Art Monk Construction

Art Monk Construction
Founded 1993 (1993)
Founder Eric Astor and Garrett Rothman
Distributor(s) Lumberjack Distribution
Genre Punk rock
Indie rock
Hardcore punk
Country of origin United States
Location Falls Church, Virginia
Official website

Art Monk Construction was founded by Eric Astor and Garrett Rothman in State College, Pennsylvania in 1993.[1] When Rothman left State College to study abroad, Astor was joined in managing the label by Rich Kraemer, a childhood friend from Tempe, Arizona, and the two additionally formed Lumberjack Distribution and Furnace MFG to distribute and manufacture products for Art Monk Construction and other independent labels and artists.[1] The operations moved to Falls Church, Virginia, in August 1995.[2] Lumberjack Distribution was sold to Doghouse Records in 1997, whereupon Kraemer moved to Europe and Astor was left running Art Monk Construction and Furnace MFG by himself.[3]


Notable bands to release music on Art Monk Construction included Hoover, Frodus, Darkest Hour, Kerosene 454, Seven Storey Mountain, Iceburn, Karate, The Trans Megetti, The Crownhate Ruin, The Van Pelt, Junction and Samuel.

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