Battle of Kauhajoki

Battle of Kauhajoki
Part of the Finnish War
Kauhajoki 1808.jpg
I ställningen vid Kauhajoki, by Axel Hjelm
Date 10 August 1808
Result Swedish victory
Sweden Russian Empire Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Georg Carl von Döbeln Russian Empire Dmitri Dmitrijevitš Šepelev
2,250[1] 1,150[1]
Casualties and losses
67 killed, wounded or captured[1] 200 killed, wounded or captured[1]

The Battle of Kauhajoki was fought between Swedish and Russian troops on August 10, 1808. After the important Swedish victory at the Battle of Lapua the force under the command of Georg Carl von Döbeln defeated a Russian force near Kauhajoki, South Ostrobothnia, Finland.

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