Battle of Kiev (January 1919)

Battle of Kiev (January 1919)
Part of the Ukraine Offensive (1919)
Date January 18 – February 5, 1919
Result Soviet victory
Red flag.svg Red Army Ukrainian People's Republic
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko
Nikolay Shchors
Symon Petliura

The Battle of Kiev in January 1919 was one of the three battles in Kiev, capital of Ukraine during the Russian Civil War and Ukrainian–Soviet War. It involved an offensive by elements of the Ukrainian Front of the Red Army to capture Kiev.[1]

This battle was a part of the General Offensive of the Ukrainian Front in Ukraine.

On January 22, Nizhyn was occupied.
On January 24, the Red Army approached Brovary and occupied the city after fierce fighting.
On February 5, after three days of fighting, the Red Army entered Kiev.