Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest

Member station BTRC
National selection events
National final
  • Eurofest
  • 2004–2009
  • 2012–2018
  • 2020
  • Nationalny Otbor
  • 2019
Internal selection
  • 2010–2011
Participation summary
Appearances 16 (6 finals)
First appearance 2004
Last appearance 2019
Best result 6th: 2007
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Belarus has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 16 times since making its debut in 2004. The country's first appearance in a final was in 2007, with the song "Work Your Magic" performed by Dmitry Koldun, placing sixth. This remains Belarus' only top ten placement. Belarus also qualified for the final in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019.


Belarus entered the contest in the same year that semi-finals began to be used to determine who would compete in the final. As of the 2019 contest, Belarus has qualified for the final six times: in 2007 with "Work Your Magic", in 2010 with "Butterflies", in 2013 with "Solayoh", in 2014 with "Cheesecake", in 2017 with "Story of My Life", and in 2019 with "Like It".

After the 2009 edition, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko said that it was necessary to completely replace the current working team behind Belarus' Eurovision entry. Lukashenko pointed out his frustrations over divisions within the team.[citation needed]

Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 contest representing Norway, expressed an interest in composing an entry for his birth country Belarus.[1] Rybak's song "Accent", performed by Milki, competed in the Belarusian national final for the 2015 contest,[2] placing fourth.


Table key
Entry selected but did not compete
Year Artist Title Language Final Points Semi Points
Aleksandra and Konstantin "My Galileo" English Failed to qualify 19 10
Angelica Agurbash "Love Me Tonight" English 13 67
Polina Smolova "Mum" English 22 10
Dmitry Koldun "Work Your Magic" English 6 145 4 176
Ruslan Alekhno "Hasta La Vista" English Failed to qualify 17 27
Petr Elfimov "Eyes That Never Lie" English 13 25
3+2 feat. Robert Wells "Butterflies" English 24 18 9 59
Anastasia Vinnikova "I Love Belarus" English Failed to qualify 14 45
Litesound "We Are the Heroes" English 16 35
Alyona Lanskaya "Solayoh" English 16 48 7 64
Teo "Cheesecake" English 16 43 5 87
Uzari & Maimuna "Time" English Failed to qualify 12 39
Ivan "Help You Fly" English 12 84
Naviband "Story of My Life" Belarusian 17 83 9 110
Alekseev "Forever" English Failed to qualify 16 65
ZENA "Like It" English 24 31 10 122
VAL "Da vidna" (Да відна) Belarusian Contest cancelled[a] X
Galasy ZMesta "Ya nauchu tebya (I'll Teach You)" (Я научу тебя) Russian Disqualified X

Related involvement

Heads of delegation

Year Head of delegation Ref.
20172018 Olga Salamakha

Commentators and spokespersons

Year Commentator Spokesperson Ref.
2003 Ales Kruglyakov, Tatyana Yakusheva Did not participate
2004 Ales Kruglyakov Denis Kurian
2005 Elena Ponomareva
2006 Denis Dudinskiy Corrianna
2007 Denis Kurian, Alexander Tikhanovich Juliana
2008 Denis Kurian Olga Barabanschikova
2009 Ekaterina Litvinova
2010 Aleksei Grishin
2011 Leila Ismailava
2012 Dmitry Koldun
2013 Evgeny Perlin Darya Domracheva
2014 Alyona Lanskaya
2015 Teo
2016 Uzari
2017 Alyona Lanskaya
2018 Naviband
2019 Maria Vasilevich
2020 Evgeny Perlin Not announced before cancellation
2021 No broadcast Did not participate

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