Bellevue Medical Center

Bellevue Medical Center
Bellevue Medical Center.jpg
North Facade of the Bellevue Medical Center
Location Qanater Zubayda- Mansouriyeh, Mansourieh, Metn District, Lebanon
Coordinates 33°50′54″N 35°33′34″E / 33.848457°N 35.559479°E / 33.848457; 35.559479Coordinates: 33°50′54″N 35°33′34″E / 33.848457°N 35.559479°E / 33.848457; 35.559479[1]
Care system Two-tier
Type General
Affiliated university Université Saint-Joseph
Standards Lebanese private hospitals accreditation, JCI, Planetree
Emergency department Yes
Beds 130
Opened July 2009

Bellevue Medical Center (Arabic: مستشفى ومركز بلفو الطبي, BMC) founded in July 2009, is a general hospital located in Mansourieh, Lebanon. It offers healthcare services in many specialties. The hospital has a capacity of 130 beds within its eight floors. Bellevue Medical Center is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited and Planetree Gold designated hospital.

Departments and services

Bellevue Medical Center provides Medical treatment services in the following specialties:


As well, it has the following clinical services:

Dialysis Center

In addition, BMC has:

  • Maternity Center offering all prenatal, peri-natal, and post-natal services.
  • Training Center providing training and education about various medical topics to and from healthcare professionals.


The hospital is also affiliated with Lebanese and European centers of medical education, Saint Joseph University, Lebanese American University.[2][3][4]

In 2017, Bellevue Medical Center became affiliated with Planetree that draws the principles on the patient centered care approach.


BMC received the Joint Commission International accreditation, for patient safety and quality for healthcare, in October 2012 becoming one of three Lebanese hospitals to meet JCI standards; BMC was re-accredited by the JCI in 2015 and 2018.[5]

In march 2014, Bellevue Medical Center won the ‘Quality Improvement and Patient Safety’ Award[6] at the MedHealth MENA Congress and was nominated for the green hospital award.

In March 2017, Bellevue Medical Center was accredited with HACCP certification for food safety.

Bellevue Medical Center is awarded the Best Health Operator of the year 2017 by “International Finance Magazine”.[7] In June 2018, Bellevue was the first hospital in Lebanon to be granted the Planetree gold designation.


Located on the eastern bank of the Beirut River in the Mansourieh's Qanater Zubayda region, Bellevue Medical Center overlooks an ancient Roman aqueduct known to locals as Qanater Zubayda (Zubayda's Arches).[8] It is 5 minutes away from Mkalles roundabout and 15 minutes away from downtown Beirut.

The remains of the Qanater Zubayda Roman aqueduct.


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