Big Comic Original

Big Comic Original
Big Comic Original.gif
Big Comic Original 2007 Issue 2.5
Categories Seinen manga[1][2]
Frequency Semimonthly on the 5th and 20th
Circulation 504,333[2]
(July-September, 2016)
Year founded 1972
Company Shogakukan
Country Japan
Based in Tokyo
Language Japanese

Big Comic Original (ビッグコミックオリジナル, Biggu Komikku Orijinaru) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Shogakukan, aimed at an older adult and mostly male audience. It is a sister magazine to Big Comic, the biggest difference being that it goes on sale twice a month in the weeks Big Comic doesn't.[3] Cover artwork usually features a dog or cat, and a haiku. The dozen or so manga serials running at any given time feature a wide variety of material, from historical dramas and suspense to sports and romance, with relatively little science fiction or fantasy.[citation needed]

Launched in 1972, it has published over 1000 issues, typically running to about 350 pages in a black-and-white, saddle-stapled format, selling for 340 yen (2015). More than 83% of readers are reported to be over 30 years old, with female readers comprising about a quarter of the total. Most readers are company employees.[4] Circulation in 2015 was reported at 539,500.[5]

Notable manga artists and series


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