Borja, Peru

Partial view of Borja, Loreto

Borja is a small city in the Loreto Region of Peru.

Borja was founded in 1634. It was named in homage to the viceroy of Peru, Francisco de Borja y Aragón. It was used as a base of support for incursions and conquests of a series of forest nations until 1640, when the Spanish presence started diminishing due to the opposition of the forest nations and systematic invasions by the Portuguese.

Cities located near Borja include Puerto Melendez, Puertos Fluviales, Eureka and Teniente Pinglo, with the closest major cities including Cuenca, Piura, Guayaquil and Chiclayo.[1]

Coordinates: 4°26′0″S 77°33′0″W / 4.43333°S 77.55000°W / -4.43333; -77.55000


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