Cele Dabhaill mac Scannal

Cele Dabhaill mac Scannal (858 – 14 September 927) was the Abbot of Bangor, County Down.

The Annals of the Four Masters contain the following notice of Cele Dabhaill's pilgrimage, sub anno 926:

Celedabhaill, son of Scannal, went to Rome on his pilgrimage from the abbacy of Beannchair; and he composed these quatrains at his departure:

An entry of the following year notes:

Celedabhaill, son of Scannall, successor of Comhgall of Beannchair, throughout Ireland, bishop, scribe, preacher, and learned doctor, died on his pilgrimage at Rome, on the 14th of September, and in the fifty-ninth year of his age. Of the year of his death was said:

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