Champagne et Caviar

Champagne et Caviar
Higelin cptlm.jpg
Cover art for Champagne et Caviar and Champagne pour tout le monde,.
Studio album by
Released December 1979
Recorded Studio in the country, Bogalusa, Louisiana
Château d'Hérouville
Genre French rock
Length 39:30 (Champagne pour tout le monde); 38:48 (Caviar pour les autres)
Label Pathé-Marconi/EMI
Producer Jacques Higelin
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Champagne et Caviar
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Alternative cover
Cover art for Caviar pour les autres....
Cover art for Caviar pour les autres....

Champagne et Caviar (Champagne and Caviar) is the eighth album by French rock singer Jacques Higelin, released in December 1979. It was initially released simultaneously as two separate albums titled Champagne pour tout le monde, (Champagne for everyone,) and Caviar pour les autres... (Caviar for everyone else...), but has since been released as a double album under its current title.


Commercial performance

Both halves of the album were commercially successful, being certified Gold the following year, in 1980.[1]

Critical reception

The French edition of Rolling Stone magazine named it the 35th greatest French rock album.[2]

Track listing




  • Jacques Higelin: production.
  • Laurent Thibault: recording, mixing and direction.
  • Christian Orsini: mastering.
  • David Farell: engineering.
  • Étienne Dolet: direction.
  • Bernard Prim: cover picture.
  • Jean-FĂ©lix Galletti: cover design and concept.


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