Chile national football team results (2000–09)




  • Chile played the non-FIFA Catalonia team on 28 December 2001; this did not contribute to ranking points or individual cap totals.




  1. ^ Red card for Costa Rica's Mauricio Wright in the 24th minute.
  2. ^ Red card for Chile's Pedro Reyes in the 88th minute.
  3. ^ Red card for Australia's Jason van Blerk in the 65th minute.
  4. ^ Red cards for Chile's Rafael Olarra (87th minute) and Slovakia's Jozef Valachovič (60th minute).
  5. ^ Qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup
  6. ^ a b c d Match at the Sahara Millennium Cup in India; Not a full FIFA international; Chile fielded a team with players from the Primera División de Chile.
  7. ^ First match under the guidance of manager Pedro García Barros; red card for goalkeeper Marcelo Ramírez in the 35th minute.
  8. ^ Red cards for Chile's Eros Pérez [65'] and Joel Reyes [77'].
  9. ^ First match under the guidance of caretaker Jorge Garcés.

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