Combined Military Hospital Lahore

Combined Military Hospital Lahore
Part of Pakistan Army Hospitals
Location Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 31°32′27″N 74°22′22″E / 31.5409°N 74.3727°E / 31.5409; 74.3727
Care system
Hospital type Teaching Military Hospital
Commandant Brig Amir Bin Tahir
Affiliations CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College, PMDC, NUMS, HULS, CPSP
Network Combined Military Hospitals
Standards ISO 9001:2015
Emergency department Level II Trauma Center
Beds 1050
Founded 1854 (As British Military Hospital)
First Commandant Lt Col H.M. Salamat Ullah (MC)
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The Combined Military Hospital Lahore is the largest tertiary care teaching hospital operated by the Pakistan Army. Its primary function is to provide specialized medical treatment to Armed forces personnel, their dependents (immediate families), as well as the general public. It is headed by a Brigadier from the Army Medical Corps of the Pakistan Army.[1]


The hospital was established in 1854 as a British Military Hospital (BMH) by the British military as a specialized treatment center for British officers serving in the subcontinent. In 1927, the British military raised another hospital nearby named the Indian Military Hospital (IMH). The BMH and IMH served as treatment facilities for British troops and Indian troops serving the British respectively. It was not until 1943 that the British decided to amalgamate both hospitals into one contiguous unit (primarily due to administrative issues), and named it the Combined Military Hospital.[1]

In 1947, after Pakistan's Independence, the Combined Military Hospital was handed over to the Pakistan Army. It was a 200-bed hospital at that time. The need for increasing medical facilities and the increasing population mandated several expansions of the hospital.

In 1982, its capacity was increased to 800 beds and was upgraded to a Class A hospital. It saw further expansion in 2004 with the addition of 200 more beds, increasing its capacity to 1000 beds. It is currently undergoing another expansion project which will be completed in 2020 and will overhaul the current hospital with the addition of 250 more beds.

Hospital facilities

Being a Class A hospital, it serves as the principal medical hospital for armed forces personnel in the Lahore region. Although, the hospital's primary task is to cater military officers, soldiers, and their families; it provides equal healthcare facilities to civilians.

Some of the specialized healthcare units available in the hospital are:

Training / teaching facilities

The hospital serves as a teaching hospital to CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College. Most of the clinical faculty of the medical college are doctors of the Army Medical Corps serving in the hospital.[1]

It is also recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for imparting FCPS training in the following departments:[5]

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