Counts and dukes of Valois

Coat of arms of the counts and dukes of Valois.

The Valois (UK: /ˈvælwɑː/ VAL-wah, also US: /vælˈwɑː, vɑːlˈwɑː/ va(h)l-WAH,[1][2] French: [valwa]; originally Pagus Valensis) was a region in the valley of the Oise river in Picardy in the north of France. It was a fief in West Francia and subsequently the Kingdom of France until its counts furnished a line of kings, House of Valois, to succeed the House of Capet in 1328. It was, along with the counties of Beauvais, the Vexin, Vermandois, and Laon, part of the "Oise line" of fiefdom which were held often by one individual or by an individual family as a string of defences against Viking assault on Paris.

The medieval county and duchy of Valois was located in northern France in northeastern Île-de-France. Its capital was Crépy-en-Valois.[3]

Counts of Valois

Carolingian counts

Counts of disputed origin

  • about 895–919 Ermenfroi, also count of Amiens and the Vexin
  • 915–926 Ralph I of Ostrevent, also count of Amiens and the Vexin, married daughter, Eldegarde, of preceding
  • 926–943 Ralph II, also count of Amiens and the Vexin, son of preceding
  • 943-after 992 Walter I, also count of Amiens and the Vexin, apparently brother or son of preceding
  • about 998-after 1017 Walter II the White, also count of Amiens and the Vexin, son of preceding
  • 1017/24–1038 Ralph III of Valois
  • 1025–1074 Ralph IV, also count of the Vexin and Amiens after 1063, whose third wife was Anne of Kiev, dowager queen of France (that marriage was childless)
  • 1074–1077 Simon de Crépy, also count of the Vexin and Amiens, he became a monk, and his lands were dispersed, Valois going to his sister's husband
  • Adele of Valois – the sister of Simon

Vermandois Carolingian counts

  • Herbert IV (−1080), Count of Vermandois, a descendant of Pepin II, became count of Valois by marriage with Adele, daughter of Ralph IV
  • Odo I the Insane (1080–1085), Count of Vermandois and of Valois, son of previous, he was disinheredited by the council of Barons of France and then he was lord of Saint-Simon by marriage.
  • Adelaide – sister of previous, countess of Vermandois and Valois, wife of Hugh.

Capetian counts

to the royal domain by king Philip II

Valois counts

Dukes of Valois

in royal domain
  • François (Duke 1498–1515, King of France as Francis I, 1515–1547)
in royal domain
in royal domain