Customs Officer Bom

Customs Officer Bom
Customs Officer Bom.jpg
Directed by Lars-Eric Kjellgren
Written by Nils Poppe
Paul Baudisch
Adolf Schütz
Starring Nils Poppe
Inga Landgré
Gunnar Björnstrand
Cinematography Martin Bodin
Edited by Oscar Rosander
Music by Julius Jacobsen
Fribergs Filmbyrå AB
Release date
25 June 1951
Running time
81 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Customs Officer Bom (Swedish: Tull-Bom) is a 1951 Swedish comedy film directed by Lars-Eric Kjellgren and starring Nils Poppe, Inga Landgré and Gunnar Björnstrand.[1]

The film's sets were designed by the art director Nils Svenwall.


A customs officer leads the search for a missing young woman.


  • Nils Poppe as Fabian Bom
  • Inga Landgré as Frida
  • Gunnar Björnstrand as Frans Melin, aka Hamn-Casanova
  • Jan Molander as Urban Karlsson
  • Marianne Löfgren as Aurora
  • Harry Ahlin as Ingemar Berglund
  • Fritiof Billquist as Johansson
  • Ulla Norgren as Aina
  • Nils Hallberg as Kalle Värst
  • Alf Östlund as Skakis
  • Olav Riégo as Head of Customs
  • Arne Lindblad as Hugo Larsson
  • Margit Andelius as Miss Agnelius, the new secretary
  • Bisse Andersson as Dancer
  • Eddy Andersson as French policeman
  • Wiktor Andersson as Night watchman at the funfair
  • Karin Appelberg-Sandberg as Tickert woman at the variety
  • Gunwer Bergkvist as Young woman
  • Barbro Boman as French singer at Coq d'Or in Le Havre
  • Ivan Bousé as Jean, French smuggler
  • Knut Burgh as Man with stockings to declare
  • Nils Croona as Smuggler
  • Doreen Denning as French girl
  • Einar Eriksson as Waiter at Coq d'Or in Le Havre
  • Michael Fant as Customs officer
  • Siegfried Fischer as Archivist at the customs office
  • Anna-Lisa Fröberg as Woman with cloth to declare
  • Thomas Gistedt as Aurora's son
  • Herman Greid as German
  • Freddy Groneman as German customs officer
  • Mary Gräber as American tourist's wife
  • Emil Halberg as Danish customs officer
  • Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs as Custom officer
  • Karl-Arne Holmsten as Narrator (voice)
  • Gösta Holmström as Policeman at the docks
  • Ingemar Jacobsson as Policeman at the docks
  • Gunnar Johansson as Policeman at warehouse no. 15
  • Sten-Morris Johansson as Aurora's son
  • Ludde Juberg as Traveller with a bottle to declare
  • Sven-Lennart Karlsson as Aurora's son
  • Arne Källerud Sailor on 'Stella'
  • Torsten Lilliecrona as French prison guard
  • Lennart Lindberg as First mate on 'Stella'
  • Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt as Radio officer at 'Stella'
  • Calle Lindström as Aurora's son
  • Gösta Lycke as Swedish customs officer
  • Börje Mellvig as French police inspector
  • Börje Nyberg as Customs officer
  • Verner Oakland as American tourist in a cabriolet
  • John Roos as Dutch customs officer
  • Birger Sahlberg as Man at the show at the funfair
  • Walter Sarmell as A man
  • Henrik Schartau as Sailor on 'Stella'
  • Henrik Schildt as French policeman
  • Gurli Swahn as Dancer
  • Katarina Taikon as Girl at Coq d'Or in Le Havre
  • Olle Teimert as Customs officer
  • Carl-Mats Törnblom as Aurora's son
  • Alexander von Baumgarten as Jacques, French smuggler
  • Peter Winner as French prison guard
  • Bo Wärff as Customs officer
  • Fylgia Zadig as Sonja at 47:ans Café
  • Curt 'Minimal' Åström as Desk clerk at the customs office



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