Dattaji Rao Scindia

Dattaji Rao Scindia, also known as Dattaji Rao Shinde, (1723 – 10 January 1760) was the second son of Ranoji Rao Shinde and Mina Bai, alias Nimba Bai. His elder brother was Jayappaji Rao Shinde and his younger brother was Jyotiba.[1]

He was the elder half-brother of Mahadaji Shinde who later became the confederacy head of Gwalior, and regent for his nephew Jankoji Rao Shinde from 1755 until his death.[citation needed]

Battle with Afghans and death

Dattaji Shinde was a Maratha military general who was given the command of Punjab during the Afghan-Maratha Conflicts over the regions of North India in 1758–59. The Peshwa gave him command of Punjab contingents to stop the Afghan Invasion led by Ahmed Shah Durrani. Marathas won the forts of Attock and Peshawar in 1757–1758 and wanted to expand their rule up to Kandahar. After many centuries had Hindu rule come in Punjab and Indus River since 1020, when Mahmud of Ghazni had defeated the Hindu ruler Trilochan Pal. After spanning 700 years had Hindu rule had come back in Punjab and Indus. Raghunathrao then returned to Delhi. In March 1759 Dattaji Shinde reached Macchiwara with a massive army but like Raghunathrao, Dattaji also did not want to stay in Punjab anymore. He wrote a letter to the Peshwa and deployed Sabaji Shinde to take garrison of Punjab with the assistance of Bapu Rao, and Dadu Rao. Dattaji himself went to fight with Najib-ud-Daula Rohilla in Ganga Valley. But therefore absence of Sabaji in Rohtas Afghan under Jahan Khan attacked Attock and Rohtas Fort and won. Sabaji and Sikh once again allied and defeated Afghans in Battle of Lahore, (1759). Jahan Khan lost his son in battle and once again Afghans retreated in Afghanistan. This victory of Marathas made Ahmad Shah more aggressive and Afghan Rohillas they allied and sent Jahan Khan with the massive army of 60,000. Jahan Khan won Attock and Peshawar defeated Maratha garrison. Jahan Khan then defeated Triyambak Rao's army of 6,000 and Abdali move towards south Punjab. they captured Lahore the capital of Punjab. Ahmad Shah attacked on Dattaji's army of 2,500. Dattaji retreated to Delhi. Ahmed Shah Durrani now allied with Najib Khan Rohilla attacked on Dattaji once again in January 1760.

Dattaji was defeated and killed in battle with Afghans at Barari Ghat (Buradi ghat), on the plains of Rudhir, near Delhi on 10 January 1760.

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