Democratic Party of Greens

Democratic Party of Greens – FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS
Demokratická strana zelených – ZA PRÁVA ZVÍŘAT
Leader Jiří Anderle
Founded 10 March 2009
Split from Green Party
Headquarters Klenčí pod Čerchovem 64
Ideology Green politics[1]
Green conservatism
Animal rights
Political position Left-wing[1]
National affiliation Alliance for the Future

Democratic Party of Greens (Czech: Democratická strana zelených, DSZ) is a green and Eurosceptic political party in the Czech Republic. It was founded on 10 March 2009 as a split from the Green Party, led by two Green MPs, Olga Zubová and Věra Jakubková, who opposed the party's participation in the centre-right government of Mirek Topolánek.[1]

For the 2010 Czech legislative election, the party created an alliance with the Head Up – Electoral Bloc, but did not qualify for representation in the Chamber of Deputies. For 2017 Czech legislative election, the party allied with the Party of Common Sense, but again failed to enter parliament.


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