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Deng Alor Kuol (Arabic: دينق ألور) is a South Sudanese politician. Currently the minister of East African Community Affairs in President Salva kiir's government ,He is a member of the Ngok Dinka ethnic group, and was born in Abyei region, an oil-producing border region between Northern and Southern Sudan. More than 99% of Abyei's Ngok Dinka have voted to be united with their fellow Dinka in neighbouring South Sudan.[1]

In October 2007, Alor was appointed Foreign Minister of Sudan, replacing fellow Southern Sudanese politician Lam Akol, in what was seen as an attempt to appease the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement. Alor had previously been Minister of Cabinet Affairs in Khartoum's national unity government. Alor remained Sudan's Foreign Minister until 2010.

After the independence of South Sudan, he briefly served as Minister of Foreign Affairs until being removed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit[2] being appointed to that position on 10 July 2011.[3] Alor was one of 10 senior SPLM officials arrested by Salva Kiir in December 2013 but later released.[4]

in July 2020, President Kiir appointed Deng Alor Kuol to the vacant East African affairs ministry,[5] replacing the late John Luk Jok, who died on June 2020.[6]

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