Map of Dokki and Greater Mohandessin [original research?] in Giza

Dokki (Arabic: الدقي‎  pronounced [ed.ˈdoʔ.ʔi], of either Arabic or Turkish origin, meaning harbor) is a district in Giza city, which is part of Greater Cairo, in Egypt. Dokki is situated on the western bank of the Nile, directly across from Downtown Cairo.

Many Cairene landmarks are located in Dokki, the German school Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo (DEO)[1] and the embassies of many countries including Russia, Somalia, France, Chad, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, and Ethiopia. Dokki is home to approximately 40 foreign embassies, a number surpassed only by the Zamalek district. King Idris of Libya died at the Palace in Dokki in 1983.[2]



The metro runs here.

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