DumDum Boys

DumDum Boys
Dumdum Boys performing at Odder√łya Live 2013
Dumdum Boys performing at Odder√łya Live 2013
Background information
Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Rock
Years active 1985-present
Labels Sony Music (1985-1992)
Oh! Yeah (1992‚Äďpresent)
Website www.dumdumboys.no
Members Prepple Houmb
Kjartan Kristiansen
Aslak D√łrum
Sola Jonsen
Past members Persi Iveland
Atle Karlsen

DumDum Boys are a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim.[1] They are one of the most successful Norwegian rock acts of all time, and are considered one of the "four great" bands who popularized modern rock with Norwegian lyrics in the mid-to-late 1980s (along with Jokke & Valentinerne, Raga Rockers and DeLillos). Before breaking into the mainstream they were known as a punk rock act under the name Wannskrækk.


Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Heavy rock
Past members

DumDum Boys started up in 1978 as a punk rock act under the name Wannskrækk, inspired by acts such as Lasse Myrvold and The Aller Værste!, who pioneered punk rock with Norwegian lyrics. They gigged extensively in Trondheim and gained a cult following. They released two singles,Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig (1981) and " ...12"... " (1982), and one live album, Wannskrækk/Liliedugg - Last Opera/Live Ritz Trondheim 12. juni 84 - a recording of a concert held together with fellow punk act Liliedugg.

In 1992 a compilation album was released, "Wannskr√¶kk - Riff (1980-1985)" which consisted of released and unreleased material from that period.[2] In 2011 they played a special concert as Wannskr√¶kk at the √ėyafestivalen music festival Oslo.[3] In 2013 the record label Oh Yeah! [no] released some of their early recordings as the single "Reklame for p√¶ng" / "Danse hele natta".[4]

In 1985 Wannskrækk went on hiatus, and decided to change the name and musical style of the band. They adopted a more mainstream, hard rock sound and took the name "DumDum Boys" from the song "Dum Dum Boys on Iggy Pop's 1977 album The Idiot.

Their first album, "Blodig Alvor Na Na Na Na Na" (1988) broke into the sales charts at #14 and spawned several successful singles. It was followed the next year by "Splitter Pine", which reached #3 and contained the eponymous hit song - generally considered a classic Norwegian rock anthem.

From 1990 to 2012 DumDum Boys released eight albums, of which six reached #1, one #2, and one #7 on the national charts.

Their latest release, the 2018 album "Armer og Bein" went straight to #1.

Last line-up as Wannskrækk

  • Kjartan Kristiansen (1979‚ąí1985) - guitar
  • Persi Iveland (1979‚ąí1985) - bass
  • Prepple Houmb (1980‚ąí1985) - vocals
  • Sola Jonsen (1984‚ąí1985) - drums and percussion
  • B√łrge Pedersen (1978‚ąí1980) - vocals
  • Gisse (1978‚ąí1983) - drums and percussion
  • K√•re Sommer (1981) - guitar


Albums as Wannskrækk

  • 1984: Last Opera/X-Mas Funeral Party Live Ritz Trondheim (joint album Wannskr√¶kk/Liliedugg)
  • 1992: Wannskr√¶kk Riff (1980-1985) (Wannskr√¶kk best of album)

Studio albums

Year Album Peak positions Certification
1988 Blodig Alvor (NaNaNaNa) 14
1989 Splitter pine 3
1990 Pstereo 1
1992 Transit 1
1994 Ludium 1
1996 Sus 1
1998 Totem 7
2006 Gravitasjon 1
2009 Tidsmaskin 1
2012 Ti liv 1
2018 Armer og bein 1

Live albums

Year Album Peak positions Certification
1994 1001 Watt 13

Compilation albums

Year Album Peak positions Certification
1992 Riff - Wannskr√¶kk 1980‚Äď85
(credited as Wannskrækk)
2001 Schlägers 1
2014 Riff - Wannskr√¶kk 1980‚Äď85 (re-release)
(credited as Wannskrækk)
2019 L√łs√łre 37


  • 1982: ... Wannskr√¶kk .. 12" ..
  • 1986: Bapshuari (EP)


  • 1981 @Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig"
  • 2013: "Wannskr√¶kk 7" "
  • 2013: "Reklame for p√¶ng/ Danse hele natta"


  • 2004: DumDum Boys i D√łdens Dal (live, DVD) (#1 NO)


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