Earl of Inverness

Earldom of Inverness
Coat of Arms of Andrew, Duke of York.svg
Arms of Prince Andrew, the present Earl of Inverness
Creation date 23 June 1986
Creation Fourth
Monarch Elizabeth II
Peerage Peerage of the United Kingdom
First holder Prince Augustus Frederick
Present holder Prince Andrew
Remainder to the 1st Earl's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten
Status Extant

The title of Earl of Inverness (Scottish Gaelic: Iarla Inbhir Nis) was first created in 1718 in the Jacobite Peerage of Scotland, together with the titles Viscount of Innerpaphrie and Lord Cromlix and Erne, by James Francis Edward Stuart ("James III & VIII") for the Honourable John Hay of Cromlix, third son of the 7th Earl of Kinnoull. He was created Duke of Inverness in 1727, but both titles became extinct upon the death of the grantee in 1740.

It has been created several times in of the Peerage of the United Kingdom, each time as a subsidiary title for a member of the royal family. It was created first in 1801 as a subsidiary title of Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, sixth son of George III, becoming extinct in 1843. Sussex's second wife (whom he married in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 making the marriage legally void) was given the title of Duchess of Inverness in her own right, which became extinct upon her death in 1873.

The next creation was for Prince George (later George V), second son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and grandson of Queen Victoria, as a subsidiary title along with the Dukedom of York. As the Prince became King in 1910, succeeding his father, his titles merged in the crown.

The title was created again in 1920 as a subsidiary title of the Prince Albert (second son of George V), who was also created Duke of York at the same time. The title merged in the crown when Albert succeeded his brother in 1936 to become King George VI.

The title was created a fourth time in 1986 as a subsidiary title for Queen Elizabeth II's second son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, along with the title of Baron Killyleagh.[1]

In 2019, some residents of Inverness started a campaign to strip him of that title, stating that "it is inappropriate that Prince Andrew is associated with our beautiful city."[2]

Earls of Inverness, first Creation (1801)

Earl Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince Augustus Frederick
House of Hanover
also: Duke of Sussex and Baron Arklow (1801)
Prince Augustus Frederick 27 January 1773
Buckingham House, London
son of King George III and Queen Charlotte
4 April 1793
Lady Augusta Murray
2 children

2 May 1831
Lady Cecilia Underwood
No children
21 April 1843
Kensington Palace, London
aged 70
Prince Augustus' marriage to Lady Augusta Murray, which produced two children, was invalid under the Royal Marriages Act 1772; accordingly all his titles became extinct on his death.

Earls of Inverness, second Creation (1892)

Earl Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince George
House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
also: Duke of York and Baron Killarney (1892);
Prince of Wales (1901), Duke of Cornwall (1337) and Duke of Rothesay (1398)
Prince George 3 June 1865
Marlborough House
son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra
Mary of Teck
6 July 1893
6 children
20 January 1936
Sandringham House, Sandringham
aged 70
Prince George succeeded as King George V in 1910 upon his father's death, and his titles merged with the crown.

Earls of Inverness, third Creation (1920)

Earl Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince Albert
House of Windsor
also: Duke of York and Baron Killarney (1920)
King George VI crop.jpg 14 December 1895
Sandringham House, Sandringham
son of King George V and Queen Mary
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
26 April 1923
2 children
6 February 1952
Sandringham House, Sandringham
aged 56
Prince Albert succeeded as King George VI in 1936 upon his brother's abdication, and his titles merged with the crown.

Earls of Inverness, fourth Creation (1986)

Earl Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Prince Andrew
House of Windsor
also: Duke of York and Baron Killyleagh (1986)
The Duke of York in Belfast (cropped).jpg 19 February 1960
Buckingham Palace
son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Sarah Ferguson
23 July 1986 – 30 May 1996
2 children
now 60 years, 335 days old


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