Echmiadzin Uyezd

Echmiadzin Uyezd
Эчмиадзинский уезд
Coat of arms of Echmiadzin Uyezd
Erivan Governorate Echmiadzinsky uezd.svg
Country Russia
Political status Uyezd
Region Caucasus
Established 1849
Abolished 1918
 • Total 3,858 km2 (1,490 sq mi)
 • Total 167,786
 • Density 43/km2 (110/sq mi)

The Echmiadzin Uyezd (Russian: Эчмиадзинский уезд; Armenian: Էջմիածնի գավառ) was a county of the Erivan Governorate of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire. It bordered the governorate's Aleksandropol Uyezd to the north, the Novobayazet and Erivan Uyezds to the east, the Surmalu Uyezd to the south, and the Kars Oblast to the west. It included all of the Armavir Province and most of the Aragatsotn Province of present-day Armenia. Its administrative center was the village of Vagharshapat (also known as Echmiadzin), the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church.[1]

Administrative Divisions

The Echmiadzin Uyezd was split into 3 unnamed contiguous uchastki (subcounties):

  • 1-iy
  • 2-iy
  • 3-iy


According to the 1897 Russian Empire Census, the population of the district was 124,237, the majority of which were Armenians (62.4%). Minorities included Tatars (modern Azerbaijanis; 29%) and Kurds (8%).[2] The largest settlement in the district was Vagharshapat, which had a total population of 5,267, of which the overwhelming majority (95%) were Armenians.[3]

Caucasian Calendar of 1917

The 1917 Caucasian Calendar which produced statistics of 1916 indicates 167,786 residents in the Echmiadzin Uyezd, including 86,716 men and 81,070 women, 148,794 of whom were the permanent population, and 18,992 were temporary residents.[4]

Area Russians Armenians North Caucasians Kurds Other Asian Nationalities Gypsies Jews TOTAL
Muslim Yezidi Christian Shia Muslim
Echmiadzin Uyezd 41 115,026 50 9,653 1,118 186 41,310 410 42 167,786
0.0% 68.6% 0.0% 5.8% 0.7% 0.1% 24.6% 0.2% 0.0% 100.0%


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