Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Countess of Holland and Zeeland
Elisabeth von Braunschweig.jpg
Queen consort of the Romans
Reign 25 January 1252 – 28 January 1256
Born 1230
Died 27 May 1266
Spouse William II of Holland
Issue Floris V, Count of Holland
Machteld of Holland
House Welf
Father Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Mother Matilda of Brandenburg

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1230 – 27 May 1266) was Queen of the Romans, Countess of Holland, and Countess of Zeeland as the wife of William II of Holland.


Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg was born in 1230 to Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Matilda of Brandenburg.

On 25 January 1252 she married William II of Holland, who was elected anti-king of the Germans in 1247 and crowned King of the Romans in 1248, in Brunswick. As the consort of William II, she was the Countess of Holland, Countess of Zeeland, and Queen of the Romans. They had two children, Floris and Machteld. Her husband died in 1256.[1]

She died on 27 May 1266 and was buried in the Middelburg Abbey church.[2]


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