Emilie Högquist (film)

Emilie Högquist
Still with Irma Christenson and Signe Hasso
Directed by Gustaf Molander
Written by Gustaf Molander
Gösta Stevens
Starring Georg Rydeberg
Signe Hasso
Anna Lindahl
Music by Jules Sylvain
Cinematography Julius Jaenzon
Edited by Edvin Hammarberg
Distributed by Svensk Filmindustri
Release date
26 December 1939
Running time
110 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Emilie Högquist is a 1939 Swedish historical drama film directed by Gustaf Molander and starring Georg Rydeberg, Signe Hasso, and Anna Lindahl. It portrays the life of the 19th-century actress Emilie Högquist. The film was a commercial failure, and its production company Svensk Filmindustri suffered its largest financial losses of the decade.[1]

The film's art direction was done by Arne Åkermark.

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