Saint Euphronius or Saint Eufronius was Bishop of Tours from 555 to 573.


Eufronius was a priest at Tours, who became bishop in 556.[1]

In 552, the Abbaye de Sainte-Marie was founded near Poitiers by Frankish Queen, Radegund. It was the first monastery for women in the Frankish Empire.[2] Radegund subsequently retired to the monastery, where she helped to care for the infirm. Upon her request, Byzantine Emperor Justin II sent the abbey a relic of the True Cross. When Bishop of Poitiers Maroveus refused to preside over its installation in the abbey, at Radegund's request king Sigebert sent Eufronius to Poitiers to perform the ceremony.

Eufronius was succeeded by St. Gregory of Tours. Eufronius was either Gregory's mother's cousin or her brother.[3] He is mentioned in the Roman Martyrology on August 4.[4]


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