Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor
Founded November 2011; 10 years ago (2011-11)
Founder Ramy Abdu
Type Non-profit
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Services Protecting human rights
Fields Legal advocacy, Media attention, direct-appeal campaigns, research, lobbying

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (commonly known as Euro-Med Monitor and sometimes as Euro-Med HRM[1][2]) is an independent, nonprofit organization for the protection of human rights. Its main objective is to raise the level of awareness toward human rights law in the area and to influence the international community to take action against human rights violators.[3][4]

Richard Falk, the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on "the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967",[5][6] serves as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor.[7][8][9][10]

In 2015, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (under the name Euromid Observer for Human Rights) and it's chairman were accused of having ties with Hamas.[11]In March 2015, the Israeli Ministry of Defense declared "Euromid Observer For Human Rights" an unlawful association and in January 2016, added the name Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor to the declaration.[12][13] On October 1, 2020, Euro-Med Monitor complained, in a speech before the United Nations Human Rights Council, about an Israeli campaign aimed at impeding the world of human rights organizations, including preventing Amnesty International’s officer Laith Abu Ziyad from accompanying his mother to East Jerusalem to attend her chemotherapy sessions, deporting Omar Shakir, Director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the continued harassment of Euro-Monitor’s chairman, Ramy Abdu, and some of its staff.[14]

As of 21 May, 2021, the United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations postponed action on the group's application for consultative status "as the representative of Libya requested details about the outcome of its research into human rights violations in his country and how it managed to deploy 60 researchers without the recognition of local authorities"[15] and on 2 September, 2021 again postponed action "as the representative of Bahrain asked about the contractual relationship with another group and funding,"[16] and a further postponement on 9 September, 2021 "as the representative of Israel asked for details on its relationship with two main funding entities".[17]


Euro-Mediterranean Human Right Monitor was founded by Ramy Abdu[18][19][20] in November 2011 in Geneva, where it maintains its headquarters, facilitating access to European institutions of governance and law, who are its primary targets and audience.


The Euro-Med Monitor’s strategic direction is guided by a Board of Trustees, which includes professionals from the human rights sector including professors, academics, lawyers, advisors and international activists. Richard A. Falk is the Chairman of the board of trustees;[21] members are: Christine Chinkin, Noura Erakat,[22] Celso Amorim, Lisa Hajjar,[23] Tareq Ismael,[24] John V. Whitbeck and Tanya Cariina Newbury-Smith. [25][26]

In 2020, Maha Hussaini, a Euro-med director[27][28] has won the Martin Adler Prize, awarded by the prestigious Rory Peck Trust, for her reporting for Middle East Eye from Gaza.[29][30]


Women's Leadership Incubator (2017-2019) project was funded by the Swedish Kvinna Till Kvinna[31] organization, and aimed to empower women in the Gaza Strip to defend their rights and create their own sources of income. The project was based on funding and training the staff of local non-governmental organizations through capacity-building programs to support women and enhance their social and economic participation.[32]

Euro-Med Monitor launched an innovative project to provide training and mentorship to young Palestinians who are ambitious about serving in different jobs available in the field of human rights. The project adopted the training-mentorship-production (TMP) model, where participants first receive training, then get linked with experts serving as their mentors, and finally are encouraged to utilize their skills and connections to contribute to the advancement of human rights in different ways while continuing to receive expert advice and close mentorship aiding their professional development.[33] Euro-Med Monitor and the University of Jordan have implanted Summer Human Rights Program, focusing on human rights during armed conflict. The project targeted students from seven Arab countries, including Yemen, Libya, and Syria. The purpose of the program was to spread peace and human rights culture and promote adherence to international standards agreed upon in international law during armed conflicts[34][35][36] The WikiRights project aimed to train university students and recent graduates in conflict zones to improve the human rights content on Wikipedia. Euro-Med Monitor offered free workshops to train students on several techniques to modify Wikipedia articles in both Arabic and English[37] Watering the seeds is a project launched by Euro-Med Monitor in 2017. It aimed to support budding youth groups who fight for human rights and freedoms in war-torn countries. The support includes material and logistical support, consultations, organizing training courses. The targeted organizations have managed to accomplish a widescale of human rights work that varies from documenting violations, implementing initiatives, launching campaigns and projects to support marginalized groups, victims of violations, and vulnerable communities.[38]

We Are Not Numbers was a storytelling project launched in February 2015 by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor. The project brings young writers from Gaza, who write in English, and provides them with workshops on writing stories and articles, social media, and how to approach a western audience.[39] The project has received coverage by international media.[40][41][42][43]


Euro-Med Monitor regularly publishes reports on many different topics relating to the human rights situation in Europe and MENA, including,

Migrants and Refugees

In September 2021, Euro-Med Monitor and ImpACT International documented widespread state-sponsored violations of human rights against African migrant workers in the UAE. The two organizations released a report based on about 100 interviews with migrant workers from African countries who confirmed that the authorities carried out a massive campaign of arrests against about 800 African workers in the country.[44][45] [46] In January 2021, the Euro-Med Monitor released a report alleging that the Frontex was involved in illegal pushbacks of migrants and asylum seekers in the Mediterranean.[47] In December 2020, the Euro-Med Monitor released a study in cooperation with the York University to address the risks that refugees with disabilities in Turkey face, including lack of adequate care and social services.[48] In December 2017, the Euro-Med Monitor and Amsterdam International Law Clinic issued a report on the legal position of ‘Stateless Persons’ in the EU, shedding light on the EU’s laws concerning stateless persons.[49] In September 2014, the Euro-Med Monitor revealed information about the fate of hundreds of migrants after their ship wrecked in the Mediterranean,[50]

Arbitrary Detention

In April 2021, a group of 22 influential academics signed a Euro-Med Monitor petition demanding the government of Saudi Arabia to release former minister Abdulaziz Al-Dakhil.[51] In July 2020, the Euro-Med Monitor released a report on Jordanian government measures against teachers, including arresting teachers’ syndicate leaders and shutting down the syndicate.[52] In March, 2021, the group organized a letter to UK authorities signed by 15 UK MPs and peers to highlight the case of Michael Smith, detained in Dubai. The Independent quoted Dr. Tanya Newbury-Smith, a Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor trustee, as saying: "There has been strong backlash against Dubai over its detention and treatment of Princess Latifa, and her case is one of many."[53]


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