For Her Sake (1930 film)

For Her Sake
Håkan Westergren and Inga Tidblad.jpg
Håkan Westergren and Inga Tidblad
Directed by Paul Merzbach
Screenplay by Paul Merzbach
Produced by Vilhelm Bryde
Starring Gösta Ekman
Inga Tidblad
Håkan Westergren
Stina Berg
Calle Hagman
Albert Ranft
Cinematography J. Julius
Edited by Paul Merzbach
Music by Jules Sylvain
Distributed by Film AB Minerva
Release date
  • 11 August 1930 (1930-08-11) (Sweden)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

For Her Sake (Swedish: För hennes skull) is a 1930 Swedish comedy film directed by Paul Merzbach. Starring is Gösta Ekman and Inga Tidblad. The film was the first Swedish sound film or "talkie" that was completely recorded in Sweden.[1]


The young married couple Sigvard and Isabella Löfgren are constantly being sought by different companies where they are trading on the bill. Sigvard is a traveling salesman and Isabella works as a secretary at a theatre agency seeking artists for a revue.

Gunnar Lanner, an artistic son of a fur dealer, goes to the theatre agency's office and tries to demand Isabella for money on her fur coat, as she has not made any payments on it for several months. But when Gunnar signs up in with Isabella, she instead thinks he is seeking a place in the revue, he therefore gets a number and is called in to the theatre managers office.

A little surprised, he sings the song "Isabell" and then wants to receive his money for the coat that Isabella owes him. When the theatre manager hears the story, he thinks it's fun and charming and wants to make a sketch of it all in the revue. Gunnar Lanner soon makes his stage debut, charmed and supported by Isabella.[2]



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