Francesco Bellissimo

Francesco Bellissimo
Francesco Bellissimo at Italian Embassy of Japan, Tokyo, 2015
Born (1979-01-03) January 3, 1979 (age 41)
Occupation Celebrity chef, sommelier dell'Olio, tarento, actor, martial artist

Francesco Bellissimo (ベリッシモ・フランチェスコ, Berisshimo Furanchesuko) (born January 3, 1979 in Rome) is an Italian celebrity chef, businessman, sommelier dell'Olio, actor,[1] foreign tarento and martial artist. He holds the rank of 3rd dan black belt in Kyokushin karate. He is living and working in Japan, and nicknamed Italia no Taneuma (イタリアの種馬, Itaria no Taneuma, lit. "Italian Stallion"). He is the president of the Italian Cooking Association in Japan,[2] known as "Italian Ryouri Kenkyukai" in Japanese.

Bellissimo writes for various Japanese cooking magazines and books.[3]

Early life

Born on January 3, 1979 in Rome, Bellissimo took an early interest in cooking through his parents. During his time at Sapienza University of Rome, where he majored in Philosophy, he entered the army and graduated from school there. In 2001, he came to Japan and graduated from a Japanese language class at the YMCA. He has won first place at a Japanese debate contest.


Aside from his work as a chef and a foreign tarento, Bellissimo has experience as a food critic, an Italian cuisine consultant, a motivational speaker, a model for fashion magazines, a columnist, an essayist, and a sports commentator. He is also known to be quite knowledgeable on Italian fashion, and is often referred to as "one of the trendiest chefs in the industry."

Ambassador of the history of Italian cuisine

In 2017, Bellissimo has launched a cultural program on the cuisine of Leonardo da Vinci and Ancient Rome together with historian Daniele Macuglia from The University of Chicago. With Macuglia, he reconstructs forgotten dishes of the Italian culture and lectured at various universities and cultural institutes in the United States and Japan.[4]


Appearances in Television Variety Programs

Among others

Appearances in Television Dramas

Appearances in Commercials

  • Suits for AEON's Top Value line (March–May 2014)
  • Italian suits for AEON's Top Value line (September–November 2014)
  • Setagaya Shizensyokuhin (December 2018 – )
  • Croquette no Manma for Mikakuto Co.,Ltd (October 2019 – )


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Magazine Appearances

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Sky PerfecTV! Awards

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2012 Handsome Kitchen Best Cooking TV Show Won [11][12][13]


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