Friends Journal

Friends Journal
Friends Journal cover, December 2013.jpg
Friends Journal from December 2013
Categories Quaker magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 6,510
First issue October 13, 1827
Company Friends Publishing Corporation
Country United States
Based in Philadelphia
ISSN 0016-1322

Friends Journal is a monthly Quaker magazine that combines first-person narrative, reportage, poetry, and news. It is an independent publication of Friends Publishing Corporation based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Friends Journal began with two earlier publications, The Friend (Orthodox, 1827—1955) and The Friends Intelligencer (Hicksite, 1844—1955).[1] It was rebranded as Friends Journal in 1955 with the merger of the two magazines, which coincided with the reconciliation of Hicksite and Orthodox Friends in Philadelphia.[2] It was originally published weekly and then bi-weekly; it became a monthly periodical in 1988.[3]

The mission of Friends Journal is "to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives."[4] The magazine is a founding member of Quakers Uniting in Publications.[5]

The journals archives were digitized around 2012.[6]

In 2014, Friends Journal launched QuakerSpeak, a YouTube channel featuring interviews with friends on core questions of Quaker faith.

In 2016, Friends Journal received the Best in Class award from the Association of Church Press.[7]


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