Gaja Hornby Tour

Gaja Hornby Tour
Tour by Margaret
Gaja Hornby Tour.jpg
Associated album Gaja Hornby
Start date 2 October 2019 (2019-10-02)
End date 25 October 2019 (2019-10-25)
Legs 1
No. of shows 5

The Gaja Hornby Tour is the first headlining concert tour by Polish singer Margaret, in support of her fourth studio album, Gaja Hornby (2019). It visited five clubs in Poland between 2 and 25 October 2019.

Background and development

The tour was announced in February 2019.[1] It was planned to begin on 24 May 2019 with a concert in Arena COS Torwar in Warsaw, Poland, but the show was cancelled and the first concert was rescheduled and moved to a new venue.[2] The tour officially began on 2 October 2019 and took place at Warsaw's Stodoła club.[3] Overall, it visited five clubs in Poland, ending on 25 October 2019 at Białystok's "Gwint" club;[3] the sixth and final date at Lublin's Klub30 scheduled for 30 October 2019 was cancelled two days prior for undisclosed reasons.[4]

Set list

During the tour, Margaret performed songs from her fourth studio album Gaja Hornby (2019), some of her biggest hits, and three new songs.[5][6] This set list is based on available sources covering the 2 October 2019 concert in Warsaw and may not be complete.[5][6] The list does not reflect the order in which the songs were performed during the concert.

  • "Błogość" (with Kacezet)
  • "Błyski fleszy, plotki, ścianki"
  • "Chwile bez słów" (with Kacezet)
  • "Cool Me Down"
  • "Czuję miętę" (Polish-language cover of Rosalía's song "Malamente")
  • "Daenerys & Jon Snow" (with Kacezet)
  • "Gaja Hornby"
  • "Gaja Punk"
  • "Heartbeat"
  • "Nowe Plemiẹ" (with La taLa)
  • "Psia mać"
  • "Rebus"
  • "Serce Baila"
  • "Ten dzień"
  • "Układanki"
  • "Vajb" (with Gverilla)
  • "What You Do"
  • "Serce Baila"
  • "Światło"


List of concerts, showing date, city, country, venue, and opening acts
Date[7] City Country Venue Opening acts
2 October 2019 Warsaw Poland "Stodoła" club Linia Nocna[5]
8 October 2019 Wrocław Stary Klasztor N/A
16 October 2019 Łódź "Scenografia" club
17 October 2019 Poznań "Tama" club
25 October 2019 Białystok "Gwint" club

Cancelled shows

List of cancelled concerts, showing date, city, country, and venue
Date City Country Venue
24 May 2019[2] Warsaw Poland Arena COS Torwar
30 October 2019[4] Lublin "Klub30" club


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