Gazeta Krakowska

Polska Gazeta Krakowska
Gazeta Krakowska logo.jpg
Gazeta Krakowska, logo
Type Newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Polskapresse Sp. z o.o. Krak贸w
Publisher Polskapresse Publishing Group
Editor-in-chief Tomasz Lachowicz
Founded 1949
Language Polish
Headquarters Krak贸w, Poland

The Gazeta Krakowska, (full title Polska Gazeta Krakowska) is the largest regional daily newspaper in Krak贸w, Poland, published five times a week in that city. Gazeta Krakowska was established on February 15, 1949. It features articles about politics, business, economy, popular history, culture, society and sports, entertainment, as well as advertising.[1][2][3]

Even though, Krakowska has been in circulation since 1949, the very name appeared for the first time already in 1794 during the Ko艣ciuszko Insurrection. In 1981 the newspaper Krakowska became an icon of unbiased, independent information about the Solidarity movement, serving as popular platform for conveying striking workers' demands as well as the political commentaries against the official communist party line. At that crucial period in Polish postwar history, Maciej Szumowski served as its editor-in-chief. At present Polska Gazeta Krakowska (Poland's Newspaper Krakowska) is the most important regional newspaper of Lesser Poland.

Gazeta Krakowska is produced by a branch of Polskapresse Publishing Group called Prasa Krakowska. At first, the newspaper was part of a publishing conglomerate owned by the Polish United Workers' Party. Between July 1, 1975, and December 30, 1980 it appeared under the title Gazeta Po艂udniowa. Its first editor-in-chief was Arnold Mostowicz. Currently (2008) the paper, owned by Polskapresse, is managed by Tomasz Lachowicz, its new editor-in-chief. Since October 15, 2007, Krakowska appears within the national newspaper chain called "Polska (dziennik)".[4]

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