Heart of Cash

The Heart of Johnny Cash
Compilation album by
Released 1968
Recorded 1958 - 1968
Genre Country, rock, folk
Length 49:25
Label Columbia
Producer Don Law, Frank Jones
Johnny Cash chronology
Old Golden Throat
The Heart of Johnny Cash
The Holy Land

The Heart of Johnny Cash is the 29th overall album released by country singer Johnny Cash. It was released in 1968 (see 1968 in music). In essence, it is a compilation album, though a handful of new recordings were included. Three songs from the album became moderately successful singles, while a version of "Girl in Saskatoon" was released on Personal File in 2006. The album was only available via Television marketing sales, and was not released to retail stores. It has not been released on CD.

Track listing


Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1968 "I Got Stripes" Country Singles 4
1968 "I Got Stripes" Pop Singles 43
1968 "The Matador" Country Singles 2
1968 "The Matador" Pop Singles 44
1968 "The Sons of Katie Elder" Country Singles 10

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