The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Japanese language and Okinawan pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-ja}}, {{IPAc-ja}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation Β§ Entering IPA characters.

Examples in the charts are Japanese words transliterated according to the Hepburn romanization system.

See Japanese phonology for a more thorough discussion of the sounds of Japanese.

IPA Example English approximation
Kana Romanization
b ばしょ, かびん, ヴゑージョン basho, kabin, vājon bug
bΚ² びょうき byōki beauty
Γ§ ひと, ひょう hito, hyō hue
Ι• γ—γŸ, いっしょう shita, isshō sheep
d どうも, どうどう dōmo, dōdō doctor
dz[1] ずっと, γœγ‚“γœγ‚“, キッズ zutto, zenzen, kizzu[2] cards
dΚ‘[1] γ˜γΆγ‚“, γ˜γ‚‡γ˜γ‚‡, エッジ jibun, jojo, ejji[2] jeep
ɸ ちじ fuji roughly like phew!
Ι‘[3] γŒγ£γ“γ†, γ‚Šγ‚“γ”, γŽγ‚“γ“γ† gakkō, ringo, ginkō goat
Ι‘Κ² γγŽγ‚‡γ† kigyō argue
h ほん, はは hon, haha hat
j やくしゃ, γ‚†γš yakusha, yuzu yacht
k くる, はっき kuru, hakki skate
kΚ² きょうかい, けっきょく kyōkai, kekkyoku skew
m みかん, せんぱい, γ‚‚γ‚“γ‚‚γ‚“ mikan, senpai, monmon much
mΚ² みゃく myaku mute
n γͺっとう, γ‹γ‚“γŸγ‚“ nattō, kantan not
Ι² にわ, こんにゃく, きんけょう niwa, konnyaku, kinchō canyon
Ε‹[3] γ‚Šγ‚“γ”, γͺんきょく ringo, nankyoku pink
Ι΄ にほん nihon roughly like long
p パン, γŸγ‚“γ½γ½ pan, tanpopo span
pΚ² はっぴょう happyō spew
ΙΎ ろく, そら roku, sora American better
ΙΎΚ² γ‚Šγ‚‡γ†γ‚Š ryōri American party
s する, さっそう suru, sassō soup
t γŸγΉγ‚‹, とって taberu, totte stop
tΙ• けかい, けっけゃく chikai, ketchaku[2] itchy
ts ぀γͺみ, いっ぀い tsunami, ittsui[2] cats
Ι°[4] わさび wasabi roughly like was
Ι°Μƒ[5] ちんいき, でんわ, あんしん fun'iki, denwa, anshin sin
z[1] あざ, ぀γ₯く aza, tsuzuku zoo
Κ‘[1] γΏγ˜γ‹γ„, γ˜γ‚‡γ˜γ‚‡ mijikai, jojo vision
Κ” あ぀っ! atsu'! uh-oh
IPA Example English approximation
Kana Romanization
a ある aru father
e えき eki bet
i いる iru meet
iΜ₯[6] γ—γŸ shita whispered meet
o おに oni story
Ι―[7] うγͺぎ unagi shoot, but unrounded
Ι―Μ₯[6] すきやき sukiyaki same as above, but whispered
IPA Description Example English approximation
ː Long vowel hyōmei, ojiisan re-equalize
ꜜ Pitch drop[8] [kaꜜki] (牑蠣, 'oyster'),
[kakiꜜ] (垣, 'fence')
/ˈmæri/ (marry),
/mΙ™Λˆriː/ (Marie)
. Syllabification nin'i [Ι²iΙ°Μƒ.i] higher /ˈhaΙͺ.Ι™r/