Heredia, Costa Rica

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Images, from top down, left to right: Church of the Immaculate Conception of Heredia, Central Park, the Fort and Amphitheatre of Heredia, Heredia skyline during the night.
Flag of Heredia
Coat of arms of Heredia
Coat of arms
Ciudad de las Flores  (Spanish)
"City of Flowers"
Libertad, Paz, y Progreso    (Spanish)
"Liberty, Peace and Progress"
Heredia and surrounding area
Heredia is located in Costa Rica
Location of Heredia within Costa Rica
Coordinates: 9°59′54″N 84°07′01″W / 9.9984632°N 84.1168617°W / 9.9984632; -84.1168617Coordinates: 9°59′54″N 84°07′01″W / 9.9984632°N 84.1168617°W / 9.9984632; -84.1168617
Country Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica
Province Heredia Province
Canton Heredia Canton
Founded 1705
 • Syndic Eduardo Murillo Quirós
 • Total 2.95 km2 (1.14 sq mi)
1,150 m (3,770 ft)
 • Total 18,697
 • Density 6,300/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC−06:00
Postal code
Climate Am

Heredia (Spanish pronunciation: [eˈɾeðja]) is a district in the Heredia canton of Heredia province, Costa Rica, as the seat of the municipality of Heredia canton, it is awarded the status of city, and in virtue of being the city of the first canton, it is the Province Capital of Heredia province as well. [1][2] It is 10 kilometers to the north of the country's capital, San José.

The city is home to one of the largest colleges in Costa Rica, the National University of Costa Rica, which accepts many international students.


Cultural centre "Escuela República de Argentina"

Prior to its founding, the area around Heredia was inhabited by the native tribe that is known as the Huetares, who were commanded at the coming of the Spanish by the Cacique Garavito.[3] In 1706 settlers from Cartago, set up a small church at a place they called "Alvirilla", which soon became more populated. Between 1716 and 1717 the settlers moved their village to the north, to a place the Indians called Cubujuquí. In 1736 Heredia was deemed sufficiently large to be granted its own parish, and the first incarnation of the Iglesia de la Inmaculada was built to serve as its parish church. In 1751, the Bishop of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Monseñor Pedro Agustín Morel de Santa Cruz supervised the founding of the first school in Heredia, which was run by the church. This school is now known as the Liceo de Heredia. In 1763 the town was promoted to the status of Villa; it was later renamed Heredia in honor of the President of the Real Audiencia of Guatemala who had conferred the status, don Alonso Fernández de Heredia. (See also: Heredia (etymology)) During the 18th century the area around Heredia was developed, with the founding Barva and other towns. On 31 October 1796, Padre Felix de Alvarado laid the foundation stone for the rebuilding of the Iglesia de la Inmaculada. The Municipality of Heredia was founded on 19 May 1812, and in 1824, Heredia was promoted to city by Juan Rafael Mora, the first President of the Republic. The 1848 constitution made Heredia the capital of Heredia Province, promoted it to cantón, and assigned it seven parishes.[4]

For a brief period in the 1830s, Heredia served as the capital of Costa Rica.[citation needed]


Heredia has an area of 2.95 km²[5] and an elevation of 1,150 metres.[1]


Heredia is located 11km north of San José and is part of the Greater Metropolitan Area.


Historical population
Census Pop.
1864 3,146
1883 4,234 34.6%
1892 6,047 42.8%
1927 7,631 26.2%
1950 11,967 56.8%
1963 19,249 60.9%
1973 22,700 17.9%
1984 21,440 −5.6%
2000 20,191 −5.8%
2011 18,697 −7.4%

Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos[6]
Centro Centroamericano de Población[7]

For the 2011 census, Heredia had a population of 18,697 inhabitants. [8]


Road transportation

The district is covered by the following road routes:

Rail transportation

The Interurbano Line operated by Incofer goes through this district. The rebuilt and national heritage Heredia railway station is a staffed station in the south of the district.


The city's football club is Herediano, who have won the league title 28 times.[citation needed] They play their home games at the Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero.

Heredianos play Saprissa, a rival.

Sister cities

Notable people


Warm year-round, the temperatures are tempered by the amount of cloud cover that affects the area. The rains are spread throughout the year, but the rainiest period is May to October. The climate is relatively mild throughout the year.

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